The Insecurity Monster

I have never believed in dumbing oneself down, hiding your talents, or pretending to be helpless to make a man happy. Or, so that he can feel “good” about himself. It’s so important that you choose the right one to share your life with. If his father didn’t accomplish much in life? That’s a red flag. When surpassing a guy like this, he will derail your career and a better life. An insecure man is a competitive man. Your home should provide peace, love and safety; not be a battlefield for supremacy.

If he can’t handle you being more successful? Let him go, and find yourself one that can. If he needs someone to feel superior too, then he’s not right for you. There are plenty of men out there that are looking to be part of a power couple. If you’re smart, resourceful, enterprising, an over-achiever, hardworking or just plain ambitious? Be extremely picky with your choice. You want a man that wants to help make you, not break you.

Resentment will cause him to do everything in his power to try to “bring you down a few notches”. Or worse: feel the need to control you. A controlling man, is a threatened man. Thank goodness there are good ones out there. The ones that know how to feel pride in your successes, and want to brag about them. Those men are worth their weight in gold.

But, be careful. Insecure men will pick insecure women to try to prop up. The kind of woman that feeds on drama buys into this BS. She’ll think that she’s awesome, living a mediocre life, with no real future. But as long as he says she’s fantastic… I feel really sorry for those types, they dance them deep and fast to rock bottom. All while he’s singing her praises.

So, if you find yourself in the situation from the above article, and he leaves? Do a little dance, and enjoy letting the toxic dump find a new dumping ground. You just watched the worst thing that ever happened to you head for the hills.


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