Happiness at Last

When you think of your friends, what’s the first thing you think of? Especially your closest ones? Do they uplift you, or put you down? Do they have your back, or do they throw you under the bus? Can you trust them, or just tolerate their presence? True friends are worth their weight in gold. Really.

My best friend is finally getting remarried. The guy she’s with is a real keeper. I’m happy for her. She had to kiss a lot of toads before finding her frog prince. And, yes, he’s a prince. I love her to death, and hope that this man is the one she gets to spend the rest of her life with. She deserves to be happy. Can’t wait for the wedding.

I have another friend that is getting remarried next summer. He too finally found his princess. He only had to wait about 20 yrs, but what the heck? He’s happy, and I’m going to his wedding too. He’s like my older brother, and his bride to be has passed the friends and parents test. Again, a win/win. I love to see my friends happy.

My other best friend is now blissfully happy with her new live in love. The news keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to be at her wedding. I’m going to be doing some traveling this year, but it’s going to be great. She looks so much happier since her divorce, and her new love? The sweetest man you will ever meet.

Me, I’m happy to be single. Everyone else wanted to remarry ( all of my friend above are divorced and getting remarried ), not me. At least not for now. I like the new freedom of being on my own. I’m a better mom, more relaxed and I feel like I’m able to be myself again. I like who I am, and my life isn’t all that I want it to be. But, it’s not where it used to be.

My girlfriends keep telling me I’m next. That he’ll be a business man, and I’ll meet him soon. That would be the perfect partner for me. I’m in no hurry. I’m good on my own. I like being accountable only to myself and the most part my kids. Less stress, and more love. Life is hectic, but my kids and I no matter what the circumstances: live in peace. No discord, malice, vindictiveness, ill will, instability, etc… Just good old fashioned peace and harmony.

I have other friends that feel the same way I do. No insecurities about being alone, and definitely like our own company. I guess that’s when you find the right person. When you’re good with being you. Once all of my friends were good with being themselves while being alone? Bam! There was Mr or Ms Right. I guess the second time’s a charm for love, and I think that they’re right. My friends are happy now, and I’m happy for them.

I found that happiness is a choice, and I’m glad I made it. I was once told that once I make up my mind, I stick to it. I’m unstoppable that way. I’m not quitter. So, chose to be happy. It takes less energy than anger, and it doesn’t age you. In fact, you’ll gain years on your life. Happiness is contagious. Are you spreading this disease?





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