Building Something That Lasts

It takes vision, planning, a strategy and a solid foundation to make anything last. It doesn’t matter what it is. Whether it’s a business or a marriage, you have to build it on a solid rock. People who don’t plan, don’t understand that failure doesn’t come from a lack of effort: it comes from poor planning. Poor planners learn the hard way, that you need a real back up plan. Or as we call it in business: and escape plan. Jumping in with both feet is not only foolish, but crazy in many cases. Revenue lost is very hard to replace when you don’t have a plan. They don’t call it “the school of hard knocks” for nothing.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Before I started homeschooling my kids, I took 5 years to research and plan it out. Why? Because my oldest was going into middle school when I started, and I didn’t want to ruin her future. Had I just made a snap decision? She wouldn’t be carving out a bright future as a make up artist today. The same with my middle and youngest daughters. Not only do they know what they want to do, but they are on track to make it happen.

Strategy is everything. What will you do if things don’t work out? Do you have a viable back up plan? If not, stop and get one in place. After years of working in other businesses with other people, and going to countless seminars. Taking endless webinars, teleseminars and on line training. I was ready to start the business venture of my dreams. I choose my business partner Danielle carefully due to her past experience as well. She has a proven track record, and really knows what she’s doing. I trust her, and know that if we need to change direction at any time? She can shift gears. We are building a strong business with years of past experience to back it up.

Your team will either make or break you. Just like in a marriage when one spouse undermines, disrespects, and refuses to be influenced by the other; a team that has no cohesion will fail. Many a business has been started by partners with ideas and no real experience. This is what’s called “the blind leading the blind.” What starts out as fun can be your worst nightmare. Business can be fun, but if you don’t run it like a business? Then tell the truth: it’s a hobby. A business is a livelihood, and therefore needs to be treated with all the respect and seriousness of any other vocation. That means you have to work. Period. Once the business is established and successful then you can have fun.

It’s going to take up a lot of time and effort. This one is really hard for some people to understand. When you set up shop it’s a commitment. Just like a marriage, you’re supposed to be in it for the long haul.  Just like your spouse expects you to be there through thick and thin: so does your business partner and the rest of the team. If you don’t want to put in long hours, work weekends and/or when the weather is nice, or when everyone else is asleep, etc…? You don’t really want to be in business, or to be successful. Successful people understand that the only thing that comes before business is family. Period.

Pay now so you can have fun later. This is a concept that I’m teaching my kids. If you have fun while you’re young it’s fine. Just don’t jeopardize your future in the process. You only have so much time in life to accomplish anything. Do it while your young, and when you’re old you won’t have anything to worry about. Too often people live for today, and find themselves old and broke. If you think kids are expensive? The elderly pay a king’s ransom for medical care and other services. And, what’s worse? When most people retire, they live on half the salary they had when they were working. If that’s not enough, most never really prepared for the lifestyle change. And, still spend like they have the same amount of money to fall back on. With virtually no savings. So much for chasing happiness.

You only really have 2 choices: build your life on sand, or build it on a firm foundation. People who chose sand, watch what they build slide away with the first storm. But, those who build on a solid foundation will be able to reap the rewards that come with doing it right the first time. They won’t lose it all wondering what or how it happened. They’ll also keep their reputations intact, the respect of their peers, the admiration of their friends and family. And, more importantly, retain their  dignity, self respect, and love what they see in the mirror each day.







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