Inspiration vs Motivation

Are you inspired or motivated? Do you even know the difference? Inspiration is an internal process, motivation relies on the external. If you’re able to get yourself going without anyone to: approve of, support, validate or pay attention to you. Then you are able to stay inspired. It’s better to be inspired than motivated. Motivation is temporary because it relies on an outside source. Once that source is no longer present, you could be in big trouble.

Inspiration can be activated by negative motivation. There’s nothing better to get me going than to have to deal with someone that is causing me grief. It doesn’t deter me, it does quite the opposite: it spurs me to take action in a positive way. What do I mean? When someone is trying to make my life difficult, I shift the focus from what they are doing, to what I need to do. By shifting the focus off of them, I take away their perceived power and control.  Once I refocus, stay the course, and remind myself that I have better things to worry about? Then everything falls back into place again.

Motivation can take you to dark places. Ever have a person break up with you? You were the problem, had all these issues, they had to end things. But, once you starting moving on, they tried to stop you? That’s when they start doing things to try to get your attention. The ego is a fragile thing, and most people don’t want to admit that you can get over them, and no one wants to be the bad guy. Once they see that they aren’t even on your radar? Be prepared to see some dark motivation: Jealous insecurity, cyberstalking, mobbing, smear campaigns, control tactics, unwanted contact, negative cycling, ect… Motivation isn’t always positive, and it can inspire some very negative things.

Inspiration can come from simply wanting to be a better person. People who are inspired change the world. They aren’t focused on self. Understanding you can make a positive difference that actually helps others, not hurts them. Motivation can be helpful, but has be feed in doses almost daily. Inspiration rises up. Punishment can motivate a person to do the right thing, It can also be used as a weapon by someone that shifts blame, runs from responsibility, and refuses to be held accountable for their own actions. They are motivated to protect themselves. Inspired people want to help protect others.

Motivation is often based on others ability to lift you up, not your own. Now let’s be honest, if you need other people to pump you up on a regular basis: you’re just being lazy. Not in the sense that you’re a lazy person, you’re just not doing the work. If you don’t do the work, then it’s not your fault when things go wrong, right? Wrong. Too often people look to others to do for them, what they should be doing for themselves. Period. Yes, it’s nice to have someone that sings your praises, and believes in you. It just becomes a crutch when you can’t do it for yourself.

Motivation isn’t a bad thing. In fact it can be good, when you need a pick me up. The issue is: it’s external, and temporary. Being inspired starts on the inside, and if protected, nurtured and cultivated? Can grow into something extraordinary.  Motivation if received well, can turn into inspiration. But beware: many a person has been motivated and inspired to do the wrong thing. Be careful who you listen to: beware the man with sugar coated lips, his words can lead to destruction.




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