Terrible People


There are many people in the world, but the ones that really make the world a miserable place are terrible people. They look and seem to act like normal, healthy human beings. But, sadly that’s not the case. Terrible people are every where. And, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately.


They are usually immature to add insult to injury, and cause injustice everywhere they go. Small minds have large egos, and have no problems putting others down as they see fit to build themselves up. Entitled people seem to get the most attention, even though they are the most unhappy. Go figure.

Although the attached articles focus on men, don’t get too smug ladies: many females fit within those categories too. I find this runs in families. Immaturity seems to be passed down, and no one seems to see that they’re the problem. So, it continues to reek havoc on the rest of us. Immature people don’t realize they’re immature, and are quick to tell you that you’re the childish one. Easiest way to spot an immature person: quick tempered ( they just can’t self soothe without putting others down ), mind readers, judgmental, mean spirited, vindictive, backbiting, controlling, critical name callers that are never wrong. And, least we not forget: easily bruised egos.

So how do you deal with terrible people? They aren’t worth keeping around. They’re the blamers, shamers, self proclaimed victims, and the all around worst people to have in your circles. If they want to leave, open the door for them and watch them walk out. Close it, and heave that sigh of relief that comes with the peace that will come with their departure. Then wield it shut so they can’t get back in. In business, don’t go out of your way to keep them as a customer or client. Toxic people attract like minded individuals, and bring into your business more of the same.

I’ve found that terrible people can’t get past themselves: they are totally self centered, selfish and self absorbed. It’s all about them. In business it’s bad enough, in personal relationships: it’s hell. Self loathing people try to convince you, that you deserve to be mistreated. The truth is: if they loved themselves they could love others. Period. And, what’s worse, they enlist others to help them justify their twisted views of those they feel threatened by. Most of us call this cowardly behavior. Because, that’s what it is. Not being man enough or woman enough to be able to handle something,  all because of a brusied ego.

So, be confident. Terrible people can’t deal with people that just won’t deal with them. They need the attention like air, and you can shut down their supply by simply ignoring them until they get the message becoming someone else’s problem. Believe me, it’s not a loss. They want you to believe it is, but once they’re gone your life gets better. New people bring fresh blood, and more positive energy. It’s when they’ve left that you realize how toxic to you they really were. Don’t suffer because of terrible people, send that curse back to the source. What goes around, comes around.


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