Actions Not Words

Everyone knows that people who talk a good game, are usually doing just that: playing games. It’s easy to get people to believe you when you’re passionate about something. Gossips are passionate about the stories they tell. Many of them are liars, but they are passionate about ruining a person. In business it is very clear that if you aren’t true to your word, you will fail. How do you succeed in business today? Under promise and over deliver.

Make good on promises you can keep. The trouble comes in, when you over promise and under deliver. That not only causes people to lose faith in you, but it will cause them to see you as untrustworthy. Once trust is broken, good luck getting it back. People want to work with people that they trust. People buy you, not your product or service: you. If they can’t trust you, then it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell.  Your word is your bond, and when it’s no good…

Tell people the truth, and don’t over exaggerate your abilities. This is one that people can spot fairly quickly. If you tell people you can give them the sun, the moon and the stars, you’re in deep trouble. It’s better to tell them that you can do the minimum and provide the maximum. Why? It’s better to be surprised than disappointed. Surprises provide referrals, disappointments provide a bad reputation.

Do things in less time than alloted. This is a biggie. If you can produce something in half the time you were given, it’s a win/win. If you tell someone that you need a week to produce something, and can do it 3-4 days? Hail the conquering hero! This really lets people know that you mean business, and that you can put your money where your mouth is. And, they can put stock and faith in you and your capabilities.

Don’t bash someone else to make yourself look good. The fastest route to having people lose all respect for you is to bash another person, and/or their company or products. Smear campaigns will backfire in the end. It’s unprofessional, uncalled for, and makes you look bad. At the very least, it’s a lack of character and integrity issue. What goes around, comes around. When it’s your turn, it’s not going to be pretty. It will most likely be seen as well deserved. And, is most certainly worse on the back end.

Be authentic. Big talkers who have no strategy and no plans fizzle quickly. In other words: they’re phonies. If you want to know if someone is a big talker, look no farther than their track record. Big talkers have big egos, and can’t back it up. They’re masters at making someone else’s achievements look like their own. The problems come in, when they try to do what others have done and they’ve taken credit for. They quickly bail out, and blame others for their personal failures.

People judge others by their actions. Only kids believe that people will trust your words. Why? Because they are just learning to use their people skills. Many will learn the hard way that people don’t go by what you say, they watch what you do. So remember, resist the urge to talk about big plans if you have no way to translate them to actions. Not only will you keep your reputation in good standing, people will know that they can trust you. People who are trusted make the most money, have the best relationships, and live happier, healthier lives. Thats’s some return.







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