The Flip Side (Bright side)

I have a friend that has been helping me with reframing how I: see, say, approach, take action and look at things in my personal life and business. And, he’s helped me to see the flip side. He’s taught me how to create what I want, and to see how I had a part in creating what I didn’t want. That’s empowering. You really do start to attract what you want when your intention is there. I’m grateful that he reminded me that I had to raise my positive vibration level ( science actually backs this one up ). It really has opened doors. I really love that this guy is there for me, and helps me to see how to keep it positive, no matter what.

So how can looking at the flip side help you? Well, for one thing, it can get you to stay focused. Help you to keep your emotions in perspective ( anger has a place, but misused anger creates destruction ). Steers you in the direction that you want to go in, and takes out things that hinder you. Anyone that’s been in a bad relationship ( business, family, marriage, working, etc… ) with a control freak knows exactly what I’m talking about. Nothing hinders you more than a person that is constantly trying to define your reality.

Living on the flip side is also good for emotional health. When you feel good, others around you can feel it too. It’s easy to spot someone that doesn’t feel good, they are constantly trying to make someone else miserable. Pain is a harsh teacher, but one that we all have to learn from. When you run from your pain, it doesn’t leave, it just follows you and grows. That lowers your vibrational frequency. Look at it this way: you can feel the room get heavy when a really negative person comes into it. You can physically feel it in the air.

On the flip side, when you deal with pain or trauma, you are able to heal. Once you heal, the pain is released and you actually become stronger for it. That’s the place you want to be. It’s not avoidance of pain that makes you a better person, it’s the courage to get through it. Once it’s over, it’s truly over. The flip side is, now you have learned a valuable lesson that will help you to become a better you. That’s progress. We all have scars, but how many of us can say that we are grateful for the lessons learned that have made us, and didn’t break us? If you’re still standing despite it all, then give yourself a hand.

Embracing the flip side helps you become more self aware. Let’s face it, if you’re not self aware, people will take advantage of you. Period. Being distracted isn’t going to help you achieve anything in life, and that only attracts manipulative people. Being self aware is different from being selfish. Self care is vital to your well being. Knowing what you want, need, and desire are traits that all people have. If others can’t do the things to take care of themselves and thrive in your presence, then you are: selfish, immature, entitled, narrow minded, destructive and negative. People who are like this, usually don’t know that they are.

Flip side living also helps your physical health. Just like a negative life ages you rapidly, a positive one slows down the aging process. It really does. Have you ever noticed that when someone leaves a job they hate, gets divorced or has something destructive leave their lives, they actually physically look better? They may lose weight, lose ten years off their looks, or even just seem younger in spirit? That’s what living on the flip side does. When you set  your sights on being healthy, and whole, you become happy. It’s true. Everyone notices the difference, and to be honest, it’s nice to hear about it when it happens.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life that helps you to see the flip ( otherwise known as the bright side ) keep that person in your inner circle. They are truly rare and you’d be hard pressed to find many of them. Keep them in your life, and be good to them. Work out any difficulties, and make sure you apologize when your wrong. That’s the sign that you value someone, and aren’t letting pride and ego get in the way. There’s no room on the flip side for ego boosts, just authenticity.







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