Brand New Day

Today is going to be a great day! Have you ever uttered those words and then found that it’s true? If you start your day out right, it tends to turn out right. Ever wonder why? You attract what you put out. If you give good vibes, you really do get good vibes. It’s all about your mindset, attitude, and emotional intelligence.

If you go around feeling bad about yourself, you’re only going to attract 2 kinds of people: the like minded, or worse the opportunist. You’re better off with the like minded. The opportunist will take advantage of you. Think of it as leading to you to Hell, and making you enjoy the trip. So you’re really better off finding that ray of sunshine that is within.

Each day you have an opportunity to make things better. No matter what happened yesterday, it really is over. Sorry, but you can’t go back. So, why not spend your time and energy moving forward. This is much more fun, and once a habit, makes life more interesting. Things get better when you are looking forward to something, and have made up your mind that it’s going to be great. Then you’ll get what you want.

You can’t fool people when you aren’t positive. If the smile on your face doesn’t match your actions and/or words. Or, you’re competing with other people in a less than flattering way, it’s not going to work. A new day is supposed to bring new: things, challenges, experiences, and new ways of doing things. Are you still regretting things from yesterday? Let it go. Life is too short to be caught up in things you can’t change. Just work on what you can.

So, be excited that yesterday is gone, and breathe a sigh of relief. Things are going to be better today, and tomorrow. If you let it. New days brings changes that can be refreshing, and helpful. So embrace the new day, and find a way to make it memorable. You have 24 hours to spend doing it. What are you waiting for?


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