Are You Counting Your Blessings?

I don’t know about you, but I have lots to be thankful for. A great inner circle, a new business I’m building, and great kids. Not to mention, I’m privileged to be doing my favorite things: learning and growing. I have support, encouragement, guidance, and so much more these days. And, it’s only just begun. I’ve allowed myself to be open to these things, and it’s opened the floodgates. Are you counting your blessings?

Out with the old and in with the new, has been a motto for many, or so I’ve heard. Is it true that this is the best course of action? Depends. What have you released that has brought good things in your life? It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it improves your situation. New ways of thinking are helpful, but having a master mind group is priceless. Bouncing ideas off of others, and having them bounce them off of you and the rest of the group? Two heads are definitely better than one.

A master mind group is really just a fancy way of saying: inner circle. These are the people that you should have influence with, and can influence you. Positive influences provide positive results. This should empower you to take the right kinds of action that produce the results that you want. They help you see your blind spots and corners. Everyone has blind spots, but who really admits to not being about to see around corners. Thank anyone that is helping you out in that area.

Do you have people in your life that believe in you, and want to help you get to the next level? If you do, what are they doing to help you get there? It’s one thing to walk the walk, and quite another to talk the talk. The latter will improve your life, the other will just show everyone that you’re a great showman with no real skills. Ouch! Sometimes you will have to walk alone, and others you’ll need your crew. Only you will know when to choose which.

Are you in your own corner? Are your heart and mind in the right place? Are they in sync? You can be told by the whole world how great your are. But, if you don’t believe it, then it means nothing. You have to be in your own corner because people are fickle, and they are quick to abandon you when things get rough. So, you’d better be good with you. Fake people attract fake people. Authentic people attract genuine people. Think about that one for a minute.

So are you counting your blessings? The people and the places you get to experience? Are you looking forward to the future? Are you moving forward with the things that really matter? Just make sure you’re having some fun in the process. Life really is short, and you should be able to have some fun. Having the time of your life should be a given at some point. Having a life while making things happen is a blessing. So, go out there and experience your blessings.


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