Planning and organizing can make life less difficult. But, let’s be honest. Do your really do it well? The buzz word for years has been “goals”. You need to have a list of goals. It’s been drummed in to our brains for years, but is it really the best word if you need flexibility? How about using the word: Target. It’s less rigid, and it does have an element of fun to it. Besides, goals are nothing more than targets we’re trying to hit anyway. So, why not treat them like bulls-eyes?

Sometimes when people think of goals, they get stuck. Why? The word goal is now something that strikes terror in many people’s hearts. It’s something that makes people feel intimidated. The gurus make it seem like if you don’t have goals, you won’t achieve anything. So, of course when you don’t hit your goals, how do you feel? Like your blew it at best, like a failure a worst. Yikes! Not good.

Target has a better ring, and it means the same thing. It’s less intimidating, and it has more of a hidden challenge mindset. It can actually help you to feel a little buzzed. For those who have an aversion to the word goals, you’re not alone. It can be really hard to get excited about something that you feel you “should”, and “have to” or, “better get done”. All that pressure can keep you locked in the starting gate. Who needs that? An element of fun makes things more pleasant, and you feel more like you “get to do it”. There’s room to relax.

You probably already have your  list together for the year. Just exchange the word “goals” with “targets” and see if you don’t get a different vibe. It’s the positive feelings that we’re going for here. And, a way to stay motivated while going for what you want. Having the impression like you have more of a handle on it, and that it can be done. And, everyone has already told you what categories to choose from. Do with it what you will. Just don’t get all hung up on it.

There is one fun thing that I can recommend: make a game out of it. Pictures are best for this one. Cut out pictures of the things that you want ( your targets ). Put them on poster board, a bulletin board, whatever works for you. And when you get it, put a bulls-eye ( just like the ones you see for arrows ) over it to show the target’s been hit. Add a little arrow if you have a more whimsical side. Doesn’t matter what color, just have some fun with it. Challenge set and achieved. Life is too short to be so uptight. Have a little fun.

Whatever your “targets” are for the year. Don’t give up. It’s the rare person that doesn’t have regrets for going for something that they truly desire. You have to be willing to pay the price, suffer the consequences of possible failure, and see it through to the end to proudly display your bulls-eye. Even if it’s only just for yourself. See how many bulls-eyes you get this year. Have fun.






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