What are you focusing on in your life? We’re already 8 days into the new year, and this is a valid question. If 2016 wasn’t the greatest year for you, there’s good news! 2017 is a year to make a fresh start and to really go after what you want. Building your dreams takes being aware of what they are, and finding a solid foundation to build them on. There are some changes you may have to make this year for this to happen. Are you ready?

Check your ego at the door. I first heard this at a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success event. She asked us all to take off our egos and leave them at the door. Which we did. This was the first step to getting real with self. The ability to be open to things that you may or may not agree with, shows you’ve left your ego out of it. Too often people are so consumed with themselves that they forget that there are other people in the world. This causes all sorts of problems. No one is perfect, and those that think that they are tend to drive others crazy. Others have wants, desires, needs, thoughts, ways of doing things and opinions that should be taken into account when you are in relationships. That’s what creates connections. Big egos can destroy them, and usually do.

Be humble and willing to learn. This one is a biggie. If you aren’t teachable, coachable, trainable, and are just plain stubborn and hard headed; expect to have trouble follow you. People come into your life for a reason: as a lesson or a blessing. Most people wouldn’t know a blessing it came up and smacked them across the face. That’s when they usually learn a hard lesson. The people that you aren’t willing to listen to are usually the people you should. They care, and are looking out for you and your wellbeing.

Any fool can tell you what you want to hear, and get you into serious trouble. And, they usually do. Just ask any wayward teen, and they’ll tell you once everything is said and done, that they wished they had listened to the ones that really cared about them. Humility has saved many a person from embarrassment, guilt, shame, and having to face the music.

Look at the bright side. If you think your positive and don’t have many friends, associates and/or acquaintances: you’re not a positive person. Positive people give off positive energy. You smile when you think about them. You want to be around them, and miss them when they’re gone. Being positive doesn’t mean living in LaLa land. It just means that you look for the best in things. First.

Anyone can nitpick and criticize. It takes a strong person to resist the urge to complain, gossip, and get angry over things that don’t go their way. It’s called maturity. Most immature people look for the negative to make themselves feel better. It’s their way to self soothe, and it’s temporary at best. Seek the positive and positive things will be attracted to you.

Live in the real world. Anything is possible when you look at life as something filled with multiple opportunities. There are things that you haven’t tried that you should. There are places that you haven’t gone to that you can. Stop living life through a screen. Technology will never be able to replace the real thing. Fakebook and all other social media are filled with illusions. Most people are just catfishing anyway. Stop living your life on screen, that’s for characters in movies, and on shows.

Be authentic. Travel, and food channels don’t let you experience anything first hand. How many times have you seen a dish, and not only wondered what it smelled like, but wanted to eat it right along with the host? Or seen a place where you would love to catch the view and breathe the fresh air. Do it! Movies and shows can make you believe that love is supposed to be perfect, and that someone else is responsible for your personal happiness. Give me a break. Someone is getting paid to make you feel like you’re missing out or worse inadequate. Don’t let them. Stop living your life through someone else. Vicarious living is an illusion, and can’t touch the real thing. Get out there and live.

This year is the year to highlight whatever it is that you want to do. Being positive will get you a much farther than being negative. And, it will keep you healthy. Who doesn’t want that? Make this a year of new connections, relationships, and experiences. Don’t allow the past to keep you from looking forward to the future. If things need to change, start with you. You can’t control anyone else expect you, so quit trying. Control yourself, and change is inevitable. Change the way you think, the choices and decisions you’ve made, and bring value to others. Highlight the good, and the bad will take care of itself.





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