Brand New Day

Today is going to be a great day! Have you ever uttered those words and then found that it’s true? If you start your day out right, it tends to turn out right. Ever wonder why? You attract what you put out. If you give good vibes, you really do get good vibes. It’s all about your mindset, attitude, and emotional intelligence.

If you go around feeling bad about yourself, you’re only going to attract 2 kinds of people: the like minded, or worse the opportunist. You’re better off with the like minded. The opportunist will take advantage of you. Think of it as leading to you to Hell, and making you enjoy the trip. So you’re really better off finding that ray of sunshine that is within.

Each day you have an opportunity to make things better. No matter what happened yesterday, it really is over. Sorry, but you can’t go back. So, why not spend your time and energy moving forward. This is much more fun, and once a habit, makes life more interesting. Things get better when you are looking forward to something, and have made up your mind that it’s going to be great. Then you’ll get what you want.

You can’t fool people when you aren’t positive. If the smile on your face doesn’t match your actions and/or words. Or, you’re competing with other people in a less than flattering way, it’s not going to work. A new day is supposed to bring new: things, challenges, experiences, and new ways of doing things. Are you still regretting things from yesterday? Let it go. Life is too short to be caught up in things you can’t change. Just work on what you can.

So, be excited that yesterday is gone, and breathe a sigh of relief. Things are going to be better today, and tomorrow. If you let it. New days brings changes that can be refreshing, and helpful. So embrace the new day, and find a way to make it memorable. You have 24 hours to spend doing it. What are you waiting for?


Are You Counting Your Blessings?

I don’t know about you, but I have lots to be thankful for. A great inner circle, a new business I’m building, and great kids. Not to mention, I’m privileged to be doing my favorite things: learning and growing. I have support, encouragement, guidance, and so much more these days. And, it’s only just begun. I’ve allowed myself to be open to these things, and it’s opened the floodgates. Are you counting your blessings?

Out with the old and in with the new, has been a motto for many, or so I’ve heard. Is it true that this is the best course of action? Depends. What have you released that has brought good things in your life? It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it improves your situation. New ways of thinking are helpful, but having a master mind group is priceless. Bouncing ideas off of others, and having them bounce them off of you and the rest of the group? Two heads are definitely better than one.

A master mind group is really just a fancy way of saying: inner circle. These are the people that you should have influence with, and can influence you. Positive influences provide positive results. This should empower you to take the right kinds of action that produce the results that you want. They help you see your blind spots and corners. Everyone has blind spots, but who really admits to not being about to see around corners. Thank anyone that is helping you out in that area.

Do you have people in your life that believe in you, and want to help you get to the next level? If you do, what are they doing to help you get there? It’s one thing to walk the walk, and quite another to talk the talk. The latter will improve your life, the other will just show everyone that you’re a great showman with no real skills. Ouch! Sometimes you will have to walk alone, and others you’ll need your crew. Only you will know when to choose which.

Are you in your own corner? Are your heart and mind in the right place? Are they in sync? You can be told by the whole world how great your are. But, if you don’t believe it, then it means nothing. You have to be in your own corner because people are fickle, and they are quick to abandon you when things get rough. So, you’d better be good with you. Fake people attract fake people. Authentic people attract genuine people. Think about that one for a minute.

So are you counting your blessings? The people and the places you get to experience? Are you looking forward to the future? Are you moving forward with the things that really matter? Just make sure you’re having some fun in the process. Life really is short, and you should be able to have some fun. Having the time of your life should be a given at some point. Having a life while making things happen is a blessing. So, go out there and experience your blessings.


Planning and organizing can make life less difficult. But, let’s be honest. Do your really do it well? The buzz word for years has been “goals”. You need to have a list of goals. It’s been drummed in to our brains for years, but is it really the best word if you need flexibility? How about using the word: Target. It’s less rigid, and it does have an element of fun to it. Besides, goals are nothing more than targets we’re trying to hit anyway. So, why not treat them like bulls-eyes?

Sometimes when people think of goals, they get stuck. Why? The word goal is now something that strikes terror in many people’s hearts. It’s something that makes people feel intimidated. The gurus make it seem like if you don’t have goals, you won’t achieve anything. So, of course when you don’t hit your goals, how do you feel? Like your blew it at best, like a failure a worst. Yikes! Not good.

Target has a better ring, and it means the same thing. It’s less intimidating, and it has more of a hidden challenge mindset. It can actually help you to feel a little buzzed. For those who have an aversion to the word goals, you’re not alone. It can be really hard to get excited about something that you feel you “should”, and “have to” or, “better get done”. All that pressure can keep you locked in the starting gate. Who needs that? An element of fun makes things more pleasant, and you feel more like you “get to do it”. There’s room to relax.

You probably already have your  list together for the year. Just exchange the word “goals” with “targets” and see if you don’t get a different vibe. It’s the positive feelings that we’re going for here. And, a way to stay motivated while going for what you want. Having the impression like you have more of a handle on it, and that it can be done. And, everyone has already told you what categories to choose from. Do with it what you will. Just don’t get all hung up on it.

There is one fun thing that I can recommend: make a game out of it. Pictures are best for this one. Cut out pictures of the things that you want ( your targets ). Put them on poster board, a bulletin board, whatever works for you. And when you get it, put a bulls-eye ( just like the ones you see for arrows ) over it to show the target’s been hit. Add a little arrow if you have a more whimsical side. Doesn’t matter what color, just have some fun with it. Challenge set and achieved. Life is too short to be so uptight. Have a little fun.

Whatever your “targets” are for the year. Don’t give up. It’s the rare person that doesn’t have regrets for going for something that they truly desire. You have to be willing to pay the price, suffer the consequences of possible failure, and see it through to the end to proudly display your bulls-eye. Even if it’s only just for yourself. See how many bulls-eyes you get this year. Have fun.






Have you ever just clicked with someone, and knew that they were going to be a great addition to your life? Clicking with people and having a strong connection is something that should be explored. If for no other reason than to create strong and lasting relationships. Having a strong bond is worth the effort. Do you value the people that you click with?

Communication is a must for you to be able to click with someone. Good listening skills make it easier to express yourself. Either in thought, or feeling. You know where the other person is coming from. It’s important to be open and truthful when building any kind of relationship. In business, it will help you make more money, and get more clients. In intimate relationships  you grow closer and feel safe. In family’s and friendships it breeds trust.

Connection is a given for people to be able to open up. Have you ever been in a store where the person helping you, just gets it? How about that person that you never realized that there was something there, and you start to explore it? Or you’re helping someone and you realize that you did it without any effort at all? That’s a true connection. It’s vibrational, spiritual and intuitive.

Openness and vulnerability breeds trust. If your clients, friends, family, co-workers, significant other, etc… don’t trust you? It’s only a matter of time before the end of that relationship comes. Being open with the right people provides safety, comfort, closeness, and release. There’s nothing better than knowing that you have value in someone’s eyes.

Is your heart in it? Love is the most powerful emotion on the planet, and one that can die if not nurtured. Expectations kill love faster than anything else. Living without expectations opens you up to things that you may not have been able to see, do or have before. All because of expectation. Some things just need to be allowed to happen. So, get out of the way. Love can only grow where it’s allowed to thrive.

For something to click, it just has to happen. You can’t force it, and you can’t stop it. It is what it is. Embrace it, and don’t be afraid of it. Let yourself experience what it’s like to just be in the moment. When something clicks, you don’t have to do anything, it’s already been done.




What are you focusing on in your life? We’re already 8 days into the new year, and this is a valid question. If 2016 wasn’t the greatest year for you, there’s good news! 2017 is a year to make a fresh start and to really go after what you want. Building your dreams takes being aware of what they are, and finding a solid foundation to build them on. There are some changes you may have to make this year for this to happen. Are you ready?

Check your ego at the door. I first heard this at a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success event. She asked us all to take off our egos and leave them at the door. Which we did. This was the first step to getting real with self. The ability to be open to things that you may or may not agree with, shows you’ve left your ego out of it. Too often people are so consumed with themselves that they forget that there are other people in the world. This causes all sorts of problems. No one is perfect, and those that think that they are tend to drive others crazy. Others have wants, desires, needs, thoughts, ways of doing things and opinions that should be taken into account when you are in relationships. That’s what creates connections. Big egos can destroy them, and usually do.

Be humble and willing to learn. This one is a biggie. If you aren’t teachable, coachable, trainable, and are just plain stubborn and hard headed; expect to have trouble follow you. People come into your life for a reason: as a lesson or a blessing. Most people wouldn’t know a blessing it came up and smacked them across the face. That’s when they usually learn a hard lesson. The people that you aren’t willing to listen to are usually the people you should. They care, and are looking out for you and your wellbeing.

Any fool can tell you what you want to hear, and get you into serious trouble. And, they usually do. Just ask any wayward teen, and they’ll tell you once everything is said and done, that they wished they had listened to the ones that really cared about them. Humility has saved many a person from embarrassment, guilt, shame, and having to face the music.

Look at the bright side. If you think your positive and don’t have many friends, associates and/or acquaintances: you’re not a positive person. Positive people give off positive energy. You smile when you think about them. You want to be around them, and miss them when they’re gone. Being positive doesn’t mean living in LaLa land. It just means that you look for the best in things. First.

Anyone can nitpick and criticize. It takes a strong person to resist the urge to complain, gossip, and get angry over things that don’t go their way. It’s called maturity. Most immature people look for the negative to make themselves feel better. It’s their way to self soothe, and it’s temporary at best. Seek the positive and positive things will be attracted to you.

Live in the real world. Anything is possible when you look at life as something filled with multiple opportunities. There are things that you haven’t tried that you should. There are places that you haven’t gone to that you can. Stop living life through a screen. Technology will never be able to replace the real thing. Fakebook and all other social media are filled with illusions. Most people are just catfishing anyway. Stop living your life on screen, that’s for characters in movies, and on shows.

Be authentic. Travel, and food channels don’t let you experience anything first hand. How many times have you seen a dish, and not only wondered what it smelled like, but wanted to eat it right along with the host? Or seen a place where you would love to catch the view and breathe the fresh air. Do it! Movies and shows can make you believe that love is supposed to be perfect, and that someone else is responsible for your personal happiness. Give me a break. Someone is getting paid to make you feel like you’re missing out or worse inadequate. Don’t let them. Stop living your life through someone else. Vicarious living is an illusion, and can’t touch the real thing. Get out there and live.

This year is the year to highlight whatever it is that you want to do. Being positive will get you a much farther than being negative. And, it will keep you healthy. Who doesn’t want that? Make this a year of new connections, relationships, and experiences. Don’t allow the past to keep you from looking forward to the future. If things need to change, start with you. You can’t control anyone else expect you, so quit trying. Control yourself, and change is inevitable. Change the way you think, the choices and decisions you’ve made, and bring value to others. Highlight the good, and the bad will take care of itself.




Embracing 2017

So here we are, we finally made it! Are you ready for your best year to date? Are you looking forward to a year of changes, new experiences, new friends, and possibly a new romantic partner for those lucky ones open to it? Passion, desire, drive and a new way of thinking are now available. It’s a reset for some, and a fresh start for others. Are you ready to take that leap of faith that will propel you into a new life and all the fabulous things that come with? I am, and so are many of you.

What are you going to do differently this year? I’m a fan of  having a Bucket list. So much so, I’ve even given my company that name. Challenges and new adventures make life not only interesting, it can even in some cases prolong it. When you have a sense of purpose, you just aren’t really concerned with how short life is: you just want to go out and live it. That’s how 2017 should be: lived.

Many people are more concerned with politics, what their neighbors and everyone else is doing. That’s a huge waste of time. What are you doing in your life that’s going to make a different for others. Not just yourself? Leaving an impression and making your mark for the good of others really helps you to feel satisfied. Have you ever met a selfish person that didn’t complain about all that they had to do for others? They have to capacity to clear a room in seconds. Helping and serving others will help you sleep better at night.

Are you sick of your job? Don’t quit. How about a side gig? Just something that can not only make you more money, but let’s you do something you love. Hobbies are now making people more money they can ever have imaged. You don’t have to pull up stakes, just do something that you can better use your spare time with. In other words: shut off the TV and get to work. It may make you the extra cash you need to do the things that you really want to do.

Ready for a new relationship? Get out and meet people. Talk and find out what makes them tick. People confuse sex with intimacy all the time, there is a huge difference. One is self gratifying, the other brings: closeness, connection, and a bond. And guess what? Sex doesn’t have to be a part of it. If the desire to get closer is there for both parties, then go for it. Risk the rejection, you just might be pleasantly surprised. You won’t know until you try.

Sick of where you live? If you can’t afford to move, start planning anyway. You never know what can happen in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. Think of what you need to do and then start to work towards it. Before you know it, you’re packing up and on your way. Get information that helps you stay focused on where you want to live. Things really do have a way of working themselves out.

Know you need to make a change, but have no clue where to start? Pick up a book, read articles on things that you’ve never thought about before. Expand your mind just a little. Personal growth books, business books, biographies, history books, whatever. Just put in some new information. Many a person have talked about the book or article that changed their lives. Why not be one of them? There’s no excuse the digital age has made it really easy to read just about anything.

It’s 2017! What direction you take is really up to you. It’s time to be proactive, thoughtful, insightful, and excited. This isn’t the time to rehash the past, or look back at what’s been lost. It’s the time to move forward, and embrace all changes. Make them positive and keep them moving in the right direction. The past is in the past, leave it there. Enjoy the challenge and embrace the new year.