Make A Positive Impression

Have you ever met someone that you connect with in a positive way? I don’t mean trauma bonding like some people do. I mean a real connection with someone. It can be a business partner, a new friend, your kids, your spouse, your significant other, or the clerk behind the counter. Making a lasting and positive impression sticks with you. Are you making one?

In our travels there are going to be people in life that are going to make different types of impressions. The type made will really depend on how genuine and authentic that person is. Notice how some people come across as insincere, and it shows. Funny how they are usually the only ones that don’t notice it. They act like they are the very air we all breathe. In the end, the only thing they do is remind you of how annoying they can be. They think that they are the light of the world. After a while, it becomes a blinding glare, and you’re just are glad to see them go. A lasting negative impression is definitely a lesson.

People who are genuinely positive leave a good impression. They really are the light of the world. When you are in contact with them, they make you feel at ease. This is not be confused with feeling special. Con artists and Narcissists are masters at making people feel special, all while they’re using them. When you feel at ease, you’re more likely to be: yourself, truthful, engaging, relaxed but energized, and interesting. Feeling better after being around them, and vice versa.

If you want to make a positive impression, take yourself out of the limelight. Other people want to talk about their accomplishments, triumphs and good fortune too. In other words: they have a life too. There’s nothing worse than a person that can’t stand to see good things happen to someone else. Envy, jealousy, pride, arrogance and ego have been known to ruin relationships all the way to the core. Once this type of person is gone from your life, you really don’t miss them. And, you find that your life is much easier, and more fulfilling. The worse this person was, the more grateful you are to know that they’re gone.

Positivity leaves people wanting more. Negativity leaves people wanting to escape. So which would you rather? A person that misses, and wants to spend time with you? Or a person that’s celebrating your departure?  That’s the difference between a positive and a negative impression. One will tell others how lucky they are to be around you, the other how grateful they are that you’re gone. This works both ways. If your circle is one where you all can share, then you’re on the right track. If it’s one that you really can’t be yourself in, and have to go along to get along… Well, you get the picture.

Positive impressions help people to trust you. They also help you trust others. Once trust is violated, it’s almost impossible to regain. Many a pseudo personality type person has found out the hard way that they aren’t fooling anyone. And, you can only get away with being a fake and/or fraud from a limited amount of time. Trustworthy people don’t have to fake it till they make it. Making a positive impression helps you to meet people that are caring, and loving. These are the people that everyone wants to be around. They can teach you, and help you see the bright side. Now that’s  a real breath of fresh air.




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