Onward to Christmas!

I love Christmas! My middle daughter really makes it special. She’s on countdown, and is really ready for the season. My youngest is her partner in crime when making the season festive. To say that we love Christmas is an understatement. It’s our season, and we really love to make great memories. This is the time of year that we love to come together and have a really good time. Family time.

Thanksgiving was our time to be thankful. Christmas is out time to feel grateful. It’s not the presents, the shopping, or even the food that we love. It’s the spirit of the season. The giving, and the sharing. We are grateful for the time we get to spend with everyone that we love, and the ones that love us. It’s bliss, and it really lets us know who we mean something to. It’s a great feeling, and this is the season to remember those that you love and love you. If  you’re not that fortunate, that’s a shame.

It’s also a time for people to get ready for the new year. Are you ready? This year was a crazy year in more ways than one, and it’s almost over. Love is truly lacking in this world today. Funny how it makes the world go around, yet, so many people have no clue what real love is. For many of us it’s the time of year to remember the real reason for the season according to our faith. For others, it’s a time of giving and serving. It really doesn’t matter who you are, or what you believe: the spirit of giving is in the air.

I’m really grateful for the love of my kids. I love them and they know it. As a parent, it’s my job to make sure my kids understand that they are worthy of my: time, attention, affection, sacrifices, blessings, love, and hard work. I brought them into to this world, and I have a duty to make sure they get what they need. No matter what I have to give up to do it. That’s service.

I think it’s crazy how so many people don’t get that once you become a parent, it’s no longer about you. I understood that the day my oldest was born. The price they pay? Children that don’t: respect, adore, admire, want them to be around. And even more sadly, don’t like or love them. What a legacy. You only get one chance to be a good parent. Once you blow it…

Kids have lifelong memories. It’s really sad when neglected as children elderly people are still ruminating about: selfish, self-serving, self absorbed, immature, lacking remorse, unloving moms and dads that failed them while they were still alive. People that still have a hold on them from the grave. Kids love unconditionally, it’s adults who are the ones who need to get a grip. Unloving, selfish parents do end up having to face the music eventually. Attempting to reconnect with someone that has written you off, and has no interest whatsoever in you? That’s one painful reality check.

So Christmas for me is about making sure my kids understand what real love looks and feels like. It’s not the gifts, the food, or even the people that we are surrounded by. It’s the spirit of love and caring that are the most important. My girls really understand these days what love is all about. They understand what it means to be grateful for what you have, before you lose it. They understand sometimes you don’t get second chance to make things right, you just roll with the punches. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep it moving.

Good will to all men is the theme of the season. They understand that everything happens for a reason. There are just some people in your life that leave, and are others that will fill in the gaps. Christmas shows who they are. These are the people in life that are the keepers. This is the season to count your blessings, and focus on them. That’s what we’ve done, and it’s been fantastic. Don’t let their misery become your company. This is the season of love, joy and peace, and boy do we enjoy it.

We have peace, happiness, and loved ones that really care for us. And, vice versa. This is going to be one of the best Christmases ever. Why? Because we really get the reason for the season, and that’s a good thing. I taught my kids that love is something that you give, and you don’t have to earn it. It comes back to you in the end. Guess what? They really know how to love people. We love Christmas for this reason. It really does bring out the best in my family.



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