It’s All Good

Life is good. Do you believe this? I know I do. When you’re ready for a change, especially a positive one, it comes. Being open to change makes it possible, and it will come quickly. Are you programmed for positivity or negativity? Which one have you allowed to rule over you? The side you’re on will determine how you live your life. Happy or hopeless? Angry and bitter, or forgiving and able to let go? It’s really up to you. Choose the high road, it’s easier to navigate, and gives you much more in return.

It’s the holiday season, and time to spend with family. My family and and I love to cook and spend time together. We reflect on all the things that we’re grateful for, and what we appreciate. It’s a time for us to really show each other how much we love each other. And, we do. It’s also a time for us to think of others, and what we can do to make someone’s life better. We give our time, money, and a shoulder to cry on if necessary. In other words: it’s not about us.

Life is good because so many great things are happening. Even if you don’t like how the election turned out, you still can live a great life. Our leaders don’t have total control over us, and it’s up to us to do what we need to do for ourselves and others to prosper. That is the truth. You can either be angry and spend your time and energy protesting, or you can get out there and prove that you are the one that determines your future. It’s an inside, not an outside job.

Are you looking at the things you want, or the things you don’t? Are you looking towards the things that help you or hurt you? Life is too short to let the small stuff get in the way. It’s also too short to be worry about what you can’t control. So, don’t give it a second thought. Are you living with and creating healthy boundaries that are creating a life that makes you a better person? Or are you so limitless that things aren’t working out, because of recklessness? Are you willing to take a good look in the mirror and be honest with yourself?

Life is good when you let it be so. Don’t force it. If you’re not good on your own, you won’t be any good with anyone else. So, you might as well start looking at life as a gift. Respect it, and honor it. Loving yourself is also a great start. Take care of you, and the people you care about. Be good to others, and good comes back to you. Reaping and sowing is real. Provoke people to love. Karma comes back in the way it was released, so put out something that you want to recevve. These days, I’m finding that life is really good. I’m glad that I’ve put out good things, because now those things are coming back in a loving and positive way. Yes, life is very good.


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