Who Are You Listening To?

There are many teachers in life, some good some bad. But, all have something to teach you. The real question is how do you know who to listen to and who not to. Most people love to listen to people that tell them what they want to hear, and at times that’s a good thing. I really all depends on the situation. The problem is when they are telling you something that’s not good for you, and gets you into a bind. So, who do you listen to? The people with real results. Look for the diamonds, glitter blows away when things don’t work out.

I just met one of my newest teachers/business partners. This guy really know his stuff, and I really respect, and admire him. He’s going to teach me a lot about a new business venture that I’m really excited about. One that I researched a few years back, but had no idea how to break into. Hence, the old saying, “When then student is ready the teacher will appear.” Lately this has been happening to me often. I’m finally meeting people that are helping me to achieve my business goals.

It also helps that he’s a great listener, and open to feedback. This will definitely help our business relationship. Feedback helps people with blind spots, and to see around corners. If you’re open to it. All too often, people put on an “ego filter”. You know, anything that bruises my ego won’t be considered or tolerated. It doesn’t matter if it’s for my own good. If it hurts my pride, view of self, or just goes against what I think of myself: forget it. Ego driven people are usually the most unhappy ones. They don’t get that they’re the problem. So they don’t listen, and blame everyone but themselves. Don’t listen to these types, they’re doomed to fail no matter what’s put in front of them.

So, who am I listening to? I love to meet smart, results oriented, achievers. They’re fun to work with. Not much negativity when dealing with these folks. Just a willingness to help, teach, and get you launched. Who knew that finding mentors could be so much fun, and rewarding. They understand wanting to do something to leave an impression, and a legacy. They also really know who to pay it forward. That’s the most important thing. Being able to pay if forward is what it’s all about.

There are universal laws in place that all of us are bound to, and if you meet the right people, you learn how they work. Not only to better yourself, but to help others get better as well. Who you listen to will affect all areas of your life, so, make sure you don’t listen to those who will make your regret your life’s decisions later. People who aren’t living your life are great at telling you how to live it. Why? They don’t have to suffer the consequences when things don’t work out. They just shake their hands with the usual, “Well you didn’t have to follow my advice.”, cope out. All while you’re left grasping at straws.

If you want to be successful, look at people with a true success record. Don’t look at potential. Many have not lived up to their potential due to listening to the wrong people. And, potential is overrated. Guess what? We all have potential, but we don’t all have results. Results are really the only thing in life that matters. If you want to know if someone is successful, look at their past and what they’ve achieved. If it’s very little and they haven’t helped anyone else become successful beware: they’re blowing smoke.

Listening to the right people promotes growth and will get you out of your comfort zone. So many love to live there, and can’t understand why they’re not satisfied. Comfort is deadly to success, it’s just that simple. Personally, I think that if it’s too easy to get something done, it’s too good to be true. Simple is different than easy. Things should be simple, not easy. Simple has staying power, easy usually means convenient, so it won’t last.  Most of the things in life worth doing will be hard. If it doesn’t put up a fight, it probably won’t last when things get rough. Adversity builds character, something lacking in today’s world.

So, who are you listening to? Are they helping you to achieve your goals, or are they just feeding your day dreams? Are they helping you to become a better person, or just letting you get away with with being mediocre? Are they building you up, or buttering you up? Do they tell you the truth, or just what you want to hear? Do they call you on your BS, or just let you do what you want? Who are you listening to?



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