Second Chances

Life is full of second chances, and they come at the best of times. So often we look at trials and troubles as bad luck, and we avoid them. The great thing about them is that they test us and show us what we’re really made of. True inspiration comes from when we are faced with a sink or swim situation. When you’re tested, you either pass, or learn what you need to fix and change. Are you willing to look at how to improve your situation when you don’t pass the test?

Being in a bad situation will either make or break you. Which one occurs will really depend on you. One will make you feel in control, the other will make you feel like a victim. There are enough victims in the world, so you might as well join the ranks of the winners in life. It’s more empowering. The feeling that you can handle something on your own helps to build resolve. The more resolve, the greater your confidence. The more confidence, the more at ease you are with your circumstances. This is true freedom.

It’s not how you handle life with things are going your way that define you: it’s how you handle the worst case scenario. It’s easy to love life when things are going your way. How do you handle things that are trying to break you? Strength comes from how you are at your worst, when you’re dealing with the worst that life can throw at you. How would you like to tell Job your problems is overused in certain circles. The question is, are you more like Joseph. If you know the stories, then you know what I’m talking about.

Second chances come in many different ways. Finally getting to do the things that you love, that’s a second chance. When life takes a turn in another direction, another second chance. Following a new path? Discovering a latent talent? Listening to people that see something in you that you don’t? All second chances. You just have to be willing to be open to a new way, day, situation, or whatever. And, it can all lead to bigger, better, and more fulfilling things. Life is more interesting the second time around as well.

Something good will come of it, and good times follow. When they come, they’re awesome, and are worth all of the hardship. Not only that, what you’ve lost, will be replaced with much better. New paths are adventurous, exciting, and scary. So embrace all that will come with it. Second chances are actually a blessing and a gift, so don’t fight it. When one door closes, another one or two opens. That’s positive news. Some of the greatest triumphs have come from the worst tragedies.The ultimate second chance. And, that’s good news.



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