Out With the Old…

Happiness is an inside job, and starting over is proof that you can be happy in the end.   Do you know how to start over in style? First things first: get yourself together. Get rid of the things that don’t work in your life. If that’s a job, quit. If that’s a friend, stop hanging around them. And so on, and so on.

There’s something about starting over on your own terms, and doing things that really mean something to you. Being your authentic self is the best feeling. Especially, when you are able to do the things that you love to do. When you start over there may be some lumps and bumps, but it’s worth it.

New friends and contacts can help you make better decisions, pushing you out of your comfort zone, and helping you stretch. They make it more entertaining as well. I love when people give feedback, it helps you become a better person. Feedback can help you to improve your shortcomings. No one is perfect, and feedback helps to keep you humble. It also helps you know what to correct for your own good. People who resist feedback tend to critize others mercilessly, but refuse to be held under the same scrutiny.

A new attitude is a must. If you are dealing with people who are constantly telling you why you can’t do something, it’s time to turn a deaf ear. Most people are more concerned with you not surpassing them, than with cheering you onto success. I took a webinar that confirms this fact: friends and family secretly want you to fail so that they can tell you, “I told you it wouldn’t work”. Sheesh.

The flip side can be, you do succeed, and they sabatoge your success. They secretly wanted you to fail, and you proved them wrong. We can’t have that, so bring in the monkey wrench. Sad, but the people closest too you are often the ones that do the most damage to your success. And, then deny any wrong doing. Envy and jealousy have brought down empires.

Watch your circle, not everyone in it is for you, and they will hide that they are against you until they can deal you a serious blow. So be careful who you share your plans with. Don’t rule out perfect strangers as people that want to help you. They don’t have a stake in your success directly.

Successful people love to help others, it furthers their success. Unsuccessful people see your success as a threat. Another persons’ success somehow takes something away from them. Unsuccessful people have not learned that success isn’t finite and there’s enough to go around. They also tend to be jealous and envious, so watch for signs.

A successful do over starts with you. Do you know what you want? Are you willing to do what it takes to get there? Can you handle the rough times without giving up, or giving in? Can you handle failure without seeing yourself as one? Do you face problems  and resist the urge to run? Are you sure you can start over, even if it mean standing and doing it alone?  If you can answer these questions honestly, and know that you can do it, you’re starting over with style.







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