Why it Takes Time For a Breakthrough

Why is everyone in such a hurry? Life moves fast, but it doesn’t move so fast that you can’t stop and think. Too many people are lead by their emotions, and that can land you into hot water. From buying things you don’t need or want. To jumping into a relationship because you can’t stand being alone. Or, not taking a few minutes to calm down before you turn temporary problem into a permanent mistake. People just quit too soon. So what do you do? Stop, take a minute, and think. The very best things in life take time to cultivate, and they last much longer.

Everything in life can teach you something. Those who don’t learn from their past mistakes make them multiple times. Being stubborn, and persistent in trying to prove others wrong is a waste of time. It takes time to build something that lasts. You can’t raise a child overnight. A good and lasting marriage doesn’t happen overnight. A worthwhile skill isn’t learned in a day. There is no such thing as an over night success.

So why do we think that things are supposed to happen fast? Look no further than your TV, the internet, news stories, and movies. We are a society of sound bits and problems wrapped up in 2 hours or less. Enough already! “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a famous quote for a reason. You can’t build something enduring, sustaining, beautiful, or meaningful in a New York minute. It’s just not possible. Anything that comes along that fast, doesn’t last.

Patience, perseverance, and commitment have to have a chance to flourish. If not, then whatever you build will fall apart,  and possibly kill your dreams. Immaturity, irrationality and lacking sound judgment , coupled with no real direction is just asking for failure. No one plans to fail, but failing to plan leads to failure. Only kids can fly by the seat of their pants. Why? Because they have parents to help them when they fall.

If you are your own worst enemy: face that, own it, and do something about it. If people are telling you that you need to change something consistently, do it. If more than 2 people tell you, you don’t look well: you don’t look well. Same thing when you’re about to make a huge mistake. It’s called a confirmation. Give it some thought when it happens. You’d be surprised how many people don’t want to see you make mistakes you’ll regret. People with trust issues really can’t recognize the ones that want to help them.

Be careful who you listen to. Faulty advice and information is everywhere. It’s amazing how many idiots are able to get a following. They can really ruin your life by enabling you. Enablers are easy to spot, they don’t make waves. They tell people only what they want to hear, and definitely not what they need to hear. These are the people that slip into your life, soothe you like Delilah did Samson, and destroy you. All while, leading you smiling and laughing through the gates of your own private Hell. Shutting them behind you before you realize ( too late ) that you’re there. Beware the man or woman with sugar coated lips.

It’s the knock downs in life that teach us how to get up and keep fighting the good fight. If life was easy, where would the desire to meet and rise to the occasion come from? Where would the determination to meet the challenge you’re facing drive you originate? How would you know what you were really made of? Where would you get your strength? You wouldn’t, you would remain weak and remain a victim.

Breakthroughs come through adversity. It’s called a breakthrough because you have to breakthrough something to get to it. Why fight it? It takes time for anything of real value to grow. You have to build it, and let others help you. Time is your most precious resource, and wasting it can also teach you what’s really important. You are them sum of all of your choices, decisions, circumstances, and people surrounding you. Time will show you if you’ve chosen well.


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