You’re in the People Business

If you’re not good with people, you’ll be out of business. Fast. No matter what product or service that you sell: you’re in the people business. Period. Businesses don’t usually fail because a product or a service isn’t that great, it’s usually because people skills are lacking. Manipulation will only get you so far, sooner or later, people figure you out. A genuine interest in people is at the heart of all great businesses. Why? Customer loyalty starts with you, not your product or service. If they don’t like you, forget about it.

Think about it for a minute: who would you rather do business with? The person who is: honest, loyal, friendly, caring and giving? Or the selfish, self-centered, immature, entitled and stubborn jerk? No brainer right? Guess what? Your customers don’t want to deal with that person either. So, if you don’t know how to treat people, your business will suffer. The customer may not always be right, but your business still needs their money to survive.

Customers are the real ones in control, not you. Why? You may be the winner in a dispute, but they can and will leave with their money still in their wallets. Think about that the next time you want to prove you’re the one in the right. You can be right, and go right out of business. So for the sake of your business, learn how to keep them happy, satisfied and coming back. You are in business to provide solutions and value, that’s what they’re paying you for. People don’t pay for grief, egos, bad service, and rudeness. It doesn’t matter if that’s how they were towards you. Remember: you are the one with a reputation on the line, not them. 

If you’re not sure how you come across to people, look no farther than your inner circle. How do you treat them? It’s true that there are people out there that treat strangers better than their friends and family. If you’re not good to those closest to you, you won’t be able to hide that side of yourself from your business forever. It will come out in times of great stress. Not making quotas, a day of very few sales, inventory that’s late, and a whole other host of reasons will show your true relational skills.

Do you get angry easily? Don’t kid yourself, a customer won’t tolerate a bad attitude. They will tell others about you and the way you do business.  Impatience causes people to be rude, and give bad service. First impressions are everything, and bad service isn’t easily forgiven. Prejudging people will also get you into hot water. That guy or girl that looks like they can’t afford your products may be able to buy out your entire stock. Remember, bad news travels fast. Word of mouth can either help your business or destroy it.

People who aren’t good with relationships can get trained in this useful skill. You have to be willing to be introspective. In other words, look at yourself first. The people who need the training the most, are usually the people who don’t think they need it. It’s like the dynamic in intimate relationships: specifically the person that is causing the problems, generally refuses to see themselves as the problem. If you don’t see the need for improvement, then chances are, you really need it.

Manipulative people think that just because they get their way each time, that they’re good with people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask someone who deals with a manipulator and you’ll find that they can’t stand the person, and for the most part, are just tolerating them. Eventually looking to find someone else they they can have a mutual relationship with. And, when they do, they move on and don’t look back. This happens even more so in business relationships. Ouch.

Here are the hallmarks of people with great people skills they: put others first, take an genuine interest in others, talk about other people interests, are good listeners, make the other person feel important, encourage and don’t criticize, respects others way of doing things, and try to see things from other people’s point of view. Being able to put their egos in check is easy. Good people skills improve all of your relationships.

People who don’t have good people skills tend to be: bitter, negative, complainers, inattentive, self serving, entitled, ungrateful, critical, condescending, disloyal and angry. Failing from the start, they don’t recognize that they may need to change, and blame others for their lack of success. Their interest in people merely stems from what they can get, not what they can give. So, failure awaits, and success really does ride off into the sunset.

There’s always room for improvement, and if you want to be successful you need to be really good with people. Ask for feedback from someone that will tell you the truth. People that have your best interest at heart will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. It may be the difference between you skyrocketing to success or hitting rock bottom. You’re in business to serve, not just to make money. People have the money, so good service is a must. You serve others well, you’ll make lots of money. Don’t serve them well, and they won’t give you a dime.

Don’t be afraid to go to seminars and training classes that specialize in this. Dale Carnegie Training is in it’s 100th year, not a bad track record ( they still train many of the best in business ). There are a whole host of others who train and coach people towards better relationship skills. Read books and ebooks on the subject. There’s a reason why, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill is still gracing bookstore shelves. Webinars, Youtube videos, the internet in general, etc… You really have no excuse. Find a mentor, and work closely with them. Relating to people can make you rich and successful. Learn this skill well. People want to work with those that they feel that they can trust. If you’re bad with people, you’re bad for business.


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