Damaged Goods

Damaged people, damage people. It’s a true statement. These are the people that make others lives a living Hell. All while making bad choices, poor decisions, with reckless and irresponsible behaviors, driving people away. And worse, continue to do the things that cause them to despise them. Choosing to do the things that hurt instead of heal, all for the pursuit of external happiness that doesn’t exist. They lack awareness of anything other than themselves ( even that’s questionable ). Causing more of what they don’t want, and not getting any of what they do. Why? They live with the root of rejection.

Rejection will make even the strongest person feel worthless. But, what happens when it’s at the root of all of your deepest fears? You do whatever you can to make it go away. Usually, by hurting others so that you won’t be hurt. Rejection makes you see yourself as if you have no value. When you feel like you have no value, you treats others as if they don’t either. Things that don’t reflect your true self are taken at face value. The line of thinking is: if you don’t agree with me, you are rejecting me as a person. What a way to live.

So what do I do? I go find people that agree with me to make me feel worthwhile. Even to my own detriment, and worse to everyone else around me. I spread pain, and misery because I want to feel better at all costs. I’ll use people, and let them use me to alleviate the pain. I’ll be selfish, self centered, immature, and enlist others to validate me and justify what I’m doing. This way I can feel valuable, even if it does irreparable damage to those involved.

Rejection makes damaged people go through life constantly trying to ease the suffering and the pain that they can’t understand. A pain that they if it was faced, would be allievated and end their suffering. But, because the fear is too great, they continue to suffer for no greater reason than: it’s all they know. Better to deal with the devil you know then the devil you don’t know. But it’s those inner demons that do the most damage. The ones that are left to run amok are the ones that do the most damage. Left unchecked they do more damage to those around them, then to the ones they live inside.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from the root of rejection won’t be able to get over it if they aren’t willing to face it. You can’t fix what you won’t admit exists. Once you acknowledge you have this problem, then you can move on with your life. The reason being, you can start to change how you view the world. The lens of rejection is murky, filthy, and more importantly distorted. You can’t see the truth if you there is dirt in your way.

If you suffer from this debilitating issue, ask yourself when was the first time you felt rejected? Every time you feel rejected you get transported back in time emotionally to that place. So why not confront it once and for all? If you don’t, everyone that you feels comes against you will become an immediate threat. Who wants to go through live feeling threatened all the time? It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t win you any friends or respect. Remember it, deal with the initial pain, and them move on. Once you realize it’s the past that’s the issue, and not the present, you’ll handle things differently. You may even see a past adversary as a friend instead of an enemy. What have you got to lose?




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