Have you ever noticed that when things start to get crazy, they do at the worst time? Just when you think you’re getting ahead, you end up having to start all over. As if that’s not bad enough, it happens when you’re already stretched thin. What do you do when you can’t get a grip in life? Persevere.

It’s one of the hardest things that you will ever do, but will help you to get to the next level. There’s no such thing as an easy life. And, anything in life that worth having is worth fighting for. But, it’s going to put up one vicious fight. When things go wrong, it’s easy to get down and out, but it’s also a great opportunity to see what you’re made of.

You don’t know what you can do, until you’re faced with seemingly impossible odds. That’s when you find out how: creative, intelligent, enterprising, positive, motivated and inspired you truly are. It’s also the time when you’ll find out who your real friends are. Those that stay with you in times of trouble are the ones that truly care about you, and not what you can do for them. They’re worth every hardship you face. Why? Because they aren’t going to let you face it alone.

Perseverance is the one trait that you will need if you ever plan to have any real success. Things happen in life that make you feel like giving up. That’s where perseverance comes in. It’s at these times where you will really have to give it your best shot, and do what you need to do. Even when you don’t think you can do it. It’s where your faith is tested, and your belief in what you’re doing is going to carry you through. Belief in yourself is everything, and really, it’s the only thing.

It builds character, strength, tenacity, and increases your self esteem. When you’re getting tested, you can do one of 2 things: stay and fight, or run like hell. Only one will help you in the long run, and guess what? It isn’t running. Your problems will eventually chase you down, and overtake you. What’s worse? The problem only grows and you’ll have to deal with it in the end anyway. Why not just stay and fight to win? Winners say,” I’m glad I did”, Losers say, “I wish I had”. One will live with the awards and rewards, the other with the regret of consequences.

Don’t run away from a challenge, embrace it. And, make sure you see it through. At the end of your journey the things that need to be taken off your path will make way for better things ahead. No matter what that is just keep it moving, and keep it going forward. There will be people that will be with you for the beginning part of it, others will come in the middle and still some that will meet you at the end. Everyone has a part to play, but not all will be there to at the end to enjoy your newfound success. The best part? The right people will be there to help you celebrate.

So endure the hardships, chase the challenges, and don’t stop moving until you get to your promised land. Trust yourself to be able to see it through. Don’t give up on you. Let go of what’s holding you back, and seek out what moves you forward. It’s worth it. Stare fear in the face and tell it to back off. Besides, the ones that are supposed to be with you will be there in the end. Those that aren’t? Don’t sweat it: they weren’t there  during your struggles ( you know, your blood, sweat and tears ), so they don’t deserve to be there during you victory.




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