Are You Stuck or Stranded?

There is a huge difference between being stuck, and being stranded. One is a state of mine, the other is a state of being. Being stuck is a mind thing, and will hold you back. It can also make you take action in the wrong direction. Being stranded is a state of being that’s temporary, and can bring a change for the better. One is a prison, the other is just a temporary place. Are you stuck or stranded?

I won’t even waste time on being stuck. Why? Because so many people are living in Stuckville already. Lets talk about being stranded for a sec. You can be both stuck and stranded at the same time. But, people who realize they’re stranded, know there is something they can do about it. When you’re stranded you are forced to take action. It’s actually a positive place to be. It’s where you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Being stranded forces you to be creative, re-evaluate your life and situation, and gets you to go in a different direction. Believe it or not, this is a positive thing. Being stranded gets you to have to bootstrap it. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and forces you to grow and change.

Stuck people usually are looking for a means of escape. They’re in a prison of their own making. Stranded people have a different take: they take responsibility for their situation, know that it can be risen above, and work towards that end. They don’t feel out of control, and they know they can handle whatever comes their way.

They don’t depend on other people to: motivate, inspire, or even nudge them in the right direction. They also are aware of those closest around them. You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you. If you’re surrounded by “yes men” look out, disaster is around the corner. If all of your friends are in agreement with everything you do, it’s time to find new friends. Real friends call you on your BS to help save you from yourself. Fake friends are only along for the ride. When the ride isn’t fun any longer, they’re in the wind.

Stuck people are looking for approval. Stranded people are looking for results. When you’re stranded, you start to believe that there is going to be something good that comes out of being stranded. And, you’re right. You find your inner strength and don’t depend on others to tell you how great you are. You already know. Being stranded is just a bump on the road of life. You don’t have to live there. And, stranded people don’t, they get moving. All of life’s harshest lessons can be opportunities to come out ahead. And with each opportunity, another chance at a better day. It really is up to you.

Stranded people also know when to let go, and who to cut completely out of their lives. It doesn’t matter who that person is. Toxic people make your life a living hell, and like it that way. Take their power away: don’t deal with them unless absolutely necessary. Anyone that is against you on a regular basis, ( whether it’s due to jealousy and envy, wants to control you, is undermining your best efforts, or is just bad for you) has to go. These people don’t deserve a place in your life. They keep you down for their own personal benefit. If you have anyone in your life like that, cut them off. If you have to deal with them ( a family member, spouse, or ex-spouse, boss, client, etc… ), make it on your terms, not theirs.

Being stranded can empower you to be the best person you can be, if you are willing to learn the lessons that come with the test. Keep in mind that life is a test, and you will be tested daily in every way imaginable. So embrace the challenge of being stranded, it can teach you some great life’s lessons. Also, remember that if you have a positive attitude, there is nothing that you can get through. Maintaining a positive attitude is the key to getting through anything. Let the stuck hit rock bottom. You aren’t meant to be there.


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