At What Expense?

There are several layers to your life, and sometimes they overlap. But, are you sacrificing areas of your life that will bring you out of balance? It happens all the time much to the detriment of your: relationships, health, finances, family, spirit, and emotions. In the end, you may end up sacrificing the things that mean the most to you. But that have to be your fate? Of course not.

There are factors in success that require great sacrifice and there will be times when you’ll have to. But, is it worth the loss in the end? Too many people have foolishly given up what matters most by being: blind, selfish, and more importantly ego driven and proud. You want to see a business person with lots of money, no family, or friends to share it with? You don’t usually get to see these people, they don’t get much press. Unless of course they’re being used as an example. Ebenezer Scrooge is remembered for being horrible for a reason.

So how do you refrain from joining the ranks of “Jerks R Us”? Serve others before yourself. That’s a tough one. Immature, insecure people start businesses thinking that they’re going to prove something, get rich, and impress the world. Mature, service minded people start businesses to serve others. They understand that if they are doing the right thing, the money will follow. Prestige and popularity don’t matter when you’re in it for the right reasons. They end up being great perks.

So who do you think is going to be more successful? The service oriented. Why? They won’t blame everyone but themselves when something goes wrong. Know that there’s no such thing as failure only lessons learned. Understand they are the reason for their own successes or failures. And that they didn’t get anywhere without the help of someone that was willing to sacrifice for them to become successful. They’ll take full responsibility for their part, while giving credit to those who deserve it.

You can predict a person bound for failure in business in how they handle a crisis with everything else in their lives. Quitters will quit every time: guaranteed. They usually have a track record of quitting, and will fail in business because of this. Business is the one venture you can’t quit when the going to gets tough. And, it will get tough.Quitters expect things to be easy and smooth, and give up at the first sign that it’s not going to work out. They don’t want to work on the hard things, and figure it’s easier to cut their losses. In essence they live the life of people who lose by default. Winners face adversity and grow stronger. Losers look for a way out.

Be careful of starting a business with the idea that everything will work itself out. Unless you have endless capitol, resources, or time this is a foolish way to think. You’ll need lots of help, with many people who believe in, and can help you during the difficult times. And, those that will be in your corner to have successful business. There is no such thing as a self made millionaire. Anyone that succeeded in business and made it to the top has a barrage of people to thank for it.

Anyone that won’t give credit to those who helped them get to where they are find it very lonely at the top, and won’t stay there long. Stepping on people on the way up will only cause you to have to face those same people on the way down. This time with you looking up at them.So, if you want to have a balanced life, and succeed: serve others. There are enough Jerks in the world. We don’t need a fresh supply.

Be the one that everyone wants to work with. The person that people want to see reach the top. It’s easy when you do the right thing by people. When you don’t: beware of Karma. You get what you give. If you only think of yourself and hurt others for your own personal gain, the Karma that comes with that is painful and severe. What you do to others will eventually come back to you. So do the right thing, no matter how you feel, what it costs, or how you look.




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