Influence vs. Manipulation

Good leaders know that they need to lead by example. Good leaders also realize that what they do affects everyone else around them. They accept full responsibility for their choices, decision, and actions. These are people of influence. Understanding the full magnitude of their impact on the world around them. Manipulators are the exact opposite. Which one are you?

Influencers are the people that are the least worried about their images. Why is this? Simply put, they are genuine. Not having a false image to protect. Telling the truth to themselves and to others. Not needing to present a persona. Respecting people for who they are, and not trying to change them to suit their own needs. Manipulators are the opposite. They are only concerned with how they are perceived by everyone around them. They by nature are liars, and worse, they believe their own lies. They are disrespectful of other people’s individuality. And, they want power and control.

To be able to influence someone is an honorable thing to do. It’s noble, and involves quite a bit of trust. Influencers make a positive impact that benefits everyone. Manipulators do not. They are out for themselves and for whatever they can get. This is where the problems arise. Many a business, relationship, friendship, or family has been destroyed due to manipulative people and their “influence”. These people are parasites that feed off of others, and leave a wake of destruction in their midst. They don’t improve the lives of others, they destroy them taking pleasure in doing so.

Influencers want to help. Manipulators only want to use. This is essential when you work in business. Without influence you won’t be able to earn people’s trust, or loyalty. With influence, you don’t have to worry about your true self being found out. Manipulators live in constant fear that people will discover the “real them”. So they have to play games. They have to make sure the playing field is never level, and they have to maintain their “image” at all costs.

Being a person of influence simply means that you are invested in other people and their well-being. That you see the world in terms of “we”, and not “me”. This is a foreign concept to many today. In a world with the entitlement mentality, it’s getting harder to find people that want to make an impact for others and not just for themselves. Influence is selfless, manipulation is selfish.

If you really want to succeed and have a prosperous future, then you must learn to influence others to benefit them. Manipulators eventually run out of “suckers” and are left with having to find a new supply of fools. What a life to live. Being genuine doesn’t take much effort, and it doesn’t require you to “cover up” your true self.



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