Stop the Coach Poaching…

I used to work with a company that calls it’s distributors “coaches”.  It’s a great company, I loved working for it. It just wasn’t for me in the end. They had a saying that all of us knew called “coach poaching”. In essence: it’s when you go after another distributor to work for another company ( the one that you are working with ). Now, that’s not always a bad thing. If it isn’t working out with the person and their company, that’s actually doing them a favor. But what if they’re successful? Do you really have to “steal” someone from another company? Think about it.

People want a team of winners. Winners are achievers that help to propel you to the top. But, at what price do you want to pay for wooing someone over to your company? Do you really want someone who is willing to jump ship for the next best and shiniest? If they are going to continue in the business they’re in and it’s not a conflict of interest, by all means recruit them. They are ambitious, motivated, busy, and best all appreciate multiple avenues of income. But, if they are so eager to ditch their first partner, and take their team with them… What will happen when the next person comes along?

Loyalty is everything in today’s world, and most people don’t appreciate what real loyalty looks like. So when you have worked with someone that jumps ship, it can really shake up your organization. The worst culprits seem to use social media. They are actually targeting people in business already. Is this a bad thing? No. But, there are enough new people who could use an opportunity to present it too.

Why go after seasoned when you can get new blood into your organization? New people bring new customers and clients. They also aren’t jaded, or have the bad habits that many who have been in the business have. They are usually more coachable, teachable, and trainable. This is really what you want. Duplication is the key to most business practices. Successful businesses have systems, you’re better off training and teaching someone new. They are eager to learn, and will follow your lead.

Network marketing businesses teach that you want busy people to join your business. Why not get someone who is busy doing something else other than business, and help them get going? Bad blood is never good to start with. Why not start with a “greenie” that can become something more? They usually are looking for: more money, less hours, time with family, no commute, and freedom. They also want to make money, aren’t jaded, have no bad habits ( from past network marketing practices ) and are eager to get going. Why not give them a shot? This is the new “YouEconomy” according to Success magazine August 2016 edition. You may be passing up a superstar looking at one who’s reign will be over when the next best thing takes over. Take a chance, find a newbie and give them a shot.



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