Do You Believe?

It’s tough to believe in yourself these days. People are constantly on the look out for someone to judge, put down, and feel superior to. Are you guilty? Validation for your hopes and dreams comes at a price: the criticism and disapproval of others. Do you believe in yourself enough to overcome the odds that are against you? Even when things look bleak? The answer is: of course you can.

There will be times when things are going wrong, people let you down, they kick you when you’re down and stomp you. But, that’s all part of the growth process. Not everyone will appreciate your lack of conformity. This is just the nature of things. People really value their own opinions, thoughts, and way of doing things. We’re all human, and we want others to see us as important and vital. But, there are limits. You can’t control another person, make them do things your way, or even win them over to your way of thinking all the time. You good if you can get them to do it half the time. There are people who refuse to accept that. It’s their problem, not yours.

We all want things out of life, and we want to be happy. You need integrity, character, compassion, and insight of others to do that. How many times have you met someone that isn’t good with people. You know the ones: disrespectful, self-righteous, demanding, and condescending. They think that they are the best ones to tell others what they need to do. And, rarely do they do it in a way that’s well received. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to give your 2 cents. But let’s face it: it’s easier to give advice than to live it. This is where belief in yourself comes in.

Do you believe in yourself, even when others are telling you that you can’t do something? Even when they can’t see your vision, hard work, efforts or results? This can be disconcerting. It’s takes perseverance to be able to stay the course no matter what the obstacle. Even when that obstacle means well. People want to see change yesterday, if not sooner. It doesn’t always happen that way.

Some things can change in an instant, and others after a long while. Can you face the adversity that comes with a long wait? No matter how bad things seem? The key word here is: seem. Things can seem desperate, but really be propelling you to a better opportunity, place, or mindset. Are you prepared for what comes next? I love when people who underestimate others, or purposefully trip them up have to watch them win. When they come out on top in the end, they don’t even have to gloat. Success really is it’s own best reward.

Keep in mind that people mean well, even if they are woefully misguided. They are only trying to help. Some are doing more harm than good, but try to remember that their heart can really be in the right place. Sometimes the head and the heart are worlds apart, and don’t always communicate with each other. It’s okay, just forgive them and keep it moving. The only one that really has to believe in you is you. And, if you do, that’s half the battle. Believing in yourself requires faith, and knowing that you can do what you put your mind too. So, believe in yourself, even if no one else does.





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