There’s nothing better in life than the right kind of change. Change can bring some of the best situations to life. I love change. To be truthful, I thrive on it. It makes life interesting, keeps my mind sharp, lets me meet new people, and takes me to new places. Best of all, it can make a situation turn in a minute. In my case, for the best.

Have you ever had to live in a situation that was slowly killing your spirit? One that once it was over, you weren’t just relieved when it was finally over: you could get closure, heal, and move on? It’s strange, but most people don’t know how to move on. They don’t like change, and they certainly don’t want you to. It’s even better, when you can leave your past behind, and really look forward to your future.

I believe that everyone should be able to thrive no matter what the situation. Thriving is so much better than, surviving, and being desperate. The mindset of a “Thriver” is a limitless person. It’s the limits that cause us to want to get out of a situation that really is designed to facilitate growth. When we run, we don’t grow. We also don’t get the lesson that we were supposed to learn. It’s easy to miss it. Life is full of hard lessons, but it also is about learning from the things put in front of us. Lessons are hard for a reason, they teach of what we need to learn for the future.

Why waste your time running, when you can learn the lessons and become stronger? Lessons happen for a reason, and the reason is good. Whatever you learn, will help you to do better, and benefit others along the way. When you come out stronger for all of your trouble, you have more to give to those around you. People sense the changes in you, and want to be a part of it. The ones that don’t belong, don’t belong. Period. And, it’s good to let them go their way. Some will never return, and believe it or not, that’s a blessing. So count those blessings for what they are.

Once you leave a situation don’t go back to it the same, why? The dynamics have changed, and so have you. When you have outgrown a situation due to change, it’s important not to regress. Those who have an investment in you remaining the same really need to go to a new hunting ground. People who thrive on drama, hate change. Drama is a cycle that repeats. Wash, rinse, repeat. Change flushes drama out where it belongs. Away from you.

Not all changes are good. Change in haste, from incompetent decisions, or immaturity will come back to bite you in the butt. But, that’s a lesson too. So learn from you mistakes, before they take on a life of their own. It’s simple to do, and most people won’t do it. When you don’t, you will repeat it over and over again until you do. Change is worth it, but not after hitting your head against the wall time after time. So, learn early, and learn fast.







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