You Are Your Thoughts, Seriously…

Have you ever been around someone that is consistently up? They really have a way about them don’t they? They light up a room, just by being in it. They shine even when it’s dark or raining. These people live out their thoughts. Positive people make life a lot better for those around them. You can tell a genuine positive person: they bring out the best in everyone around them. They lift you up, and don’t bring you down. No matter who you are, or how you treat them. It’s just their nature to want to be a good person. No matter what.

I love to be around these people. I have a friend named Sheronda that is always up, nothing gets her down. She is full of life and energy. She has helped me to see the bright side of things, even when my world is full of darkness. She has an inner light and strength that are the epitome of a person living out her thoughts. She isn’t happy, she has joy. Big difference. She taught me that happiness is a feeling, but joy is a state of being. Happiness depends on external forces, joy internal ones. I love her for reminding me that joy brings both peace and happiness. There’s no room for bitterness when your thoughts are good ones.

When your thoughts are off, you feel restless. This leads to anxiety, which leads to feelings of wanting to escape. So, therefore you need a distraction. But, here’s the rub, when you get distracted you’re not thinking clearly. You have to be clear headed to be in a good place. Also, you have to guard your thoughts. There are people out there that can sense confusion. Then you can be easily manipulated due to what you think and say. Influences are all around you. So beware of fast friends, they become even faster enemies.

So what do you think about on a regular basis? Are you thinking about what you want, or what you don’t want? I’ve learned that thinking about what you don’t want brings it on fast. The very thing that you dread is waiting for you to spend all your time and energy powering it up. So, why not put all that energy into what you want? It works the same way. Instead of saying, “I want to be debt-free”, re-frame it to, “I want to travel the world for a month and not have to worry about how much it’s going to cost.” Do you see the difference? One focuses on the what you don’t want, the other what you do.

Are you growing as a person? There are all sorts of things you can do to grow, but the most important one is: guarding your thoughts. I had some people in my life for years that were constantly putting me down. To be honest, they were only using me to build themselves up. My life is changing for the better. Not having their input has helped improve my thoughts. That’s right, their influence was causing me to see me as they saw me, and not how I really am. Now, my thoughts are the right ones, and not the ones that they planted. I was being stifled so that someone else could feel good about themselves. The cage I was living in is now open, and guess what? I high tailed it out as fast as I could. I feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s slow going, but its going.

Are your thoughts helping you to become a better person? Look the past is in the past, but have you done some things that you need to make right? Then do it. When you don’t do the right thing, your thoughts will constantly bring you back to it. You can’t escape it, that’s how it works. In your quiet moments,  your personal demons will come back to haunt you. They cloud your thoughts, rob you of your peace, and torment you. Why not face them head on? They can no longer haunt you when you make things right. So do it now, don’t let them keep you up at night. Your past will haunt you only as long as you let it. Everyone makes mistakes, but some mistakes will haunt your thoughts until you make amends. Take the high road at all times. Maturity comes with being able to admit you’ve made a mistake, and so does peace. Quit running, take a stand to be better.

Your thought life is your own, and only you know what you’re really thinking. No one else can get inside your head. And, you really can’t get into anyone else’s so you really don’t know what they’re thinking either. If thoughts are truly things, as author Napoleon Hill has stated, then you need to guard them, cultivate them, and keep them positive. You can either rule your thoughts, or they can rule you.



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