Have You Outgrown Your Life?

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you’ve just outgrown something, someplace or someone? Do you find that these are trying to keep you stuck? People are notorious for trying to stop people from outgrowing them. They want you to be the same person that they “thought” you always were. Funny isn’t it, how those who don’t want to grow and move on are quick to accuse you of it? They are too focused on using you to justify whatever they’re doing. Can you put a stop to it? Yes.

I love the term, “going ghost”. People are constantly on the lookout for information on others, going ghost can help give you peace of mind. When you are moving ahead, there are going to be people who are highly invested in making sure you stumble and fall. Repeatedly. It’s just the way it is. When you are looking forwards and not behind, this causes many to have to reevaluate their own lives. Not something that they want to do. So making you the target of their discontent is the next best thing. By not giving these people the time of day, you force them to take drastic measures.

Forcing you to stay in contact is one such way to achieve this in the short term. Sooner or later, you’ll have to ignore them ( go ghost ). But in the long run, when you’ve been outgrown, you either catch up, or get left behind. The same thing holds true for a thing or a place. If you live in a town where things aren’t moving, pack up and leave. You’ve outgrown the place. It’s not a bad thing. Some people go back home thinking that they can start over, and some can. But, usually that’s not what happens. We slip into old patterns and end up remembering why we left in the first place. This is often a harsh lesson, but a good one.

Be willing to give up something that isn’t working for you any longer. Clothes, shoes, books, a house, a car, a business, etc… Regrouping isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes you just have to switch gears and try something else. Some of the most successful business people switched businesses several times before finding the right fit. Once they found it, the rest was history. They outgrew what they were doing, and moved on. Being capable of growth is huge, many people aren’t. They live small defeated lives, and wish ill will on others. Not being able to face the truth about yourself is a form of denial. Stagnant people like to pollute the waters of people who are willing to work hard to achieve something.

They say you will only go as far as your 5 closest friends. If those are people that aren’t doing anything with their lives, then you need to reevaluate your own. Growth is a process, and it can be painful at times. Embrace the challenge. You will have your naysayers, people who will put you down, and there will be those who really want to see you fall down and not get it up. Guess what? That’s their issue not yours. Be the tree that starts to grow on the side of the concrete sidewalk. You know, the one that started growing in a small crack. It was a struggle for that little plant at first. But soon, it’s growing out partially sideways and it getting bigger and stronger. It refused to stop growing.

Growth only happens when you are faced with obstacles. There’s no getting around that. But it can’t happen if you’re living in the past, not focusing on yourself and your goals, or constantly putting someone else down. That’s a useless waste of your precious time. Be positive, focus on what you need to do to get better. Stop looking for external validation. Dig deep and know that you can do whatever you put your mind too. Ignore your haters, especially the ones that are closest to you. They will be the ones in the background making sure you remember a smaller, less accomplished you. Small people focus on the faults not the growth. The only see yesterday and today, not tomorrow.

Small people love to define others, but hate to be defined themselves. They love criticism, but won’t take a good look in the mirror. They are quick to judge, but hate accountability. They just don’t get it. All of those things are needed to grow as a person. Remember, it’s the self reflective, and self aware that achieve things. Growth either happens voluntarily, or will eventually be forced on you. Be a eager volunteer. Things are green when they’re growing. Are you green? Be willing to fail, and be broken. That makes you stronger, humble, and better equipped to handle the next big thing. Growing pains happen, you can either endure them or give up. It’s up to you. What have you outgrown? Share it with us here.




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