How far can you get in life without a team? Not very far. I have a favorite team: my 2 younger daughters’. It’s truly us against the world. We work well together. They really understand that family is supposed to be a team. Not many people understand that your family is your most important team. They are the first people you come into contact with on a daily basis in your life. So, how you were treated growing up will dictate what kind of team member you’ll be. Or, if you’ll be one.

Today, so many people are just out for themselves. Teamwork has almost become a bad word. But, those who don’t understand it are really missing out. You really can’t get through life without people in your corner. Unfortunately, dysfunctional families teach their “team” to eat their own. It’s sad but true. This is why, if you come from a dysfunctional family you have to get educated quickly on how to work with other people for the greater good of all.

Selfish people foolishly take credit from their team. They want all the glory, and don’t want to share it. In time, these people find themselves exclusively with users that are only interested in what they can get out of them. Sooner or later, those are the only types that will hang around. The smart ones, will get out of the picture quickly. And rightfully so: Who wants to be used, and have to have dealings in the future with an entitled person?

You can tell someone that’s a good team player, they want everyone to win. They compliment, work well with everyone, and have a goal to help the team be the best. Users on the other hand use flattery ( telling you exactly what you think of yourself ) to get what they want from you. Aesop’s story, “The Fox and the Crow”, comes to mind. The moral is: beware of flattery. Users are psuedo team members. They wreck teams. They’re out for themselves. They use flattery to keep everyone off balance, create chaos, and drama. They throw gunk in the works by working against others. And having them work against each other. Teams can’t win if everyone isn’t all on the same page.

Goals, vision, communication, inspiration, motivation should all be present. Teams embody the spirit of helping and serving. They show collective strength. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Collectively you are stronger with others than by yourself. Too many lone wolves find this out the hard way. And, others replace team members that they should have kept till the end. Much to their detriment. The same team member you replace, will be picked up by another team and help theirs to grow better, bigger and become stronger. Helping your competition become bigger, better, and stronger? Ouch!

Teamwork helps to spread the work around. Everyone has something to contribute, and it helps when they can also get some of the credit. If you didn’t do the work, don’t take the credit. Glory hounds get found our rather quickly. Everyone wants to feel important. Praise and encouragement will strengthen a team. Criticism and fault finding weakens it. Besides, when people feel like a part of a team that’s: grateful, honoring, appreciative, and cohesive it’s a win/win situation. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?




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