Don’t Underestimate Your Kids

Kids are some of he smartest people on the planet. They’re innovative, creative, curious, fearless, and risk takers. So why is it that so many parents treat them like they’re stupid? We praise grades, but not common sense or street smarts. We reward them for all sorts of things, but then want to treat them like they don’t have a brain. Even a 90 yr old can learn something new from a 5 yr old. Does technology ring a bell?

So why are we so quick to dismiss kids when it comes to decision making? Especially kids with common sense, a huge dose of maturity, and logical thought processes? Because, we treat them like they don’t have any life experience. The truth is they do. Kids face challenges daily that many adults can don’t have to, and on a regular basis. Bullies comes to mind: they don’t get fired from schools.

We don’t trust kids. The media portrays them as lazy, selfish, self-centered and stupid. What a standard to live up to. The rotten ones get all the press, but the good ones… It’s a shame. Kids today are savvy,  and want to prove themselves. It’s time that we let them. They’re creating new technology. Changing the entertainment industry through Youtube, and even selling Lemonaid to major food chains. Come on, wake up and start seeing them as fellow human beings.

The dreams they have in childhood become the realities of their adulthood. Think about that for a minute. Kids dreamed of flying, while adults told them it couldn’t happen. Kids dreamed up most of the technology that we use today. Kids are the ones helping parents and in some cases grandparents to use the new technology. The possibilities of a kid’s imagination are endless, and should be treated with respect. After all, most kids want to change the world before it changes them.

Kids look forward to the future, because they want to grow up and do or be something great. Don’t knock them for it, encourage them. You never know what they’re going to do when they grow up, so inspire them while they’re young. Motivate them to follow their dreams, no matter how crazy they may sound. They might just come up with the next best and greatest… Kids have vision, help them define it, and come to life.



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