Why are people so afraid to ask for what they really want or need? Why are we so afraid to get help? Is there really a stigma, or is there something else to it? Is it considered a sign of weakness? Have we forgotten that we’re all in this together and that getting help is a part of life? Is the fear of rejection overriding good sense? Why is asking now considered Taboo? It may have to do with how things are going in the world today. Asking is exactly what successful people do to get whatever it is that they want. Don’t believe it? Just ask them.

I’ve always been a curious person, so questions come naturally to me. It’s how I learn. But, when I started to get into business, asking questions became scary. I know why, all of the sudden, I knew that what I asked mattered. And, truthfully what you ask does. I went to all sorts of seminars, read books, watched whatever I could on the subject. Then the unthinkable happened: I stopped asking questions. I had information overload. And worse, I was starting to sound “rehearsed”. Yikes! I didn’t even realize it was happening. What used to come naturally, was now something out of a b movie. Bad acting included.

I lost my natural curiosity, and it showed. I was a mess, and afraid to talk to anyone. That’s really bad for business. It keeps you broke. I had to break free, but I didn’t have a clue how. Then the breakthrough came: I got some help, I asked for it. Asking for help was the best thing I could’ve have done. I needed it, and I needed it fast. I hadn’t lost my curiosity,  I had just stop letting it lead me. I had listened to too many people with too many ideas. The essence of what I was trying to do got lost: just getting to know someone.

So I got in the habit of asking for what I wanted. How? I just did it. Most people out there really do want to help when given the chance. For those who don’t, just keep it moving. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, smooth, or even coherent at times. It just needs to be done. There are folks out there who are just dying to share their expertise, skills, knowledge, or wisdom if they were just asked. Others that you were probably just too afraid to bother. It’s usually no bother. Just ask.






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