Competitive Much?

Everyday you have a new chance to improve yourself. And of course, you should. But, do you suffer from the jealousy and envy monster? You know the one that makes you feel you have to out do everyone else around you? How about just a particular person? Insecurity can cause you to compete for all the wrong reasons. Your only real competition in life is you. To be honest, that’s more than enough.Are you basing competition on your feelings?

When you are out to beat you own personal best daily, you succeed. Being the best just to thwart someone else is a waste of your time. You’re too focused on what the competition is doing. Hoping and wishing that they are watching you. Guess what? They aren’t. Because, they’re following their own thing, and working hard to make it happen. You just aren’t on their radar. The attention that unhealthy competition seeks is usually from a place of longing.  A void that others can’t fill. They’re not supposed too. It comes from a place of lack, and that stems from a fear of being ignored.

Successful people focus on what’s important. Competition keeps you on your toes, but it’s not the main reason most people are doing what they do. It’s passion, desire, and wanting to build something greater that makes an impact. They’re also way too busy trying to improve their own situation. Focusing on what really matters: what they’re doing themselves.

Healthy competition comes from an innate desire to improve. Therefore your intentions are good. Unhealthy competition comes from a deep seated insecurity. The major difference is “why” you’re doing it. One is based on personal achievement which is positive, and helping others along the way. The other is based on negativity, with an obsession of wanting to win at whatever means necessary and/or at all costs. Not good in the long run, you make some serious enemies along the way. The first is coming from a place of genuine selflessness, the other from selfishness.

Healthy competition is usually friendly and helps all involved to strive for better. Including the competition. Think of the Olympics:  all the competitors are there to win, but some have given up a medal to help an injured competitor cross the finish line. Together. That’s strong character and integrity, and it feels good. People respect and admire those who exemplify that. Unhealthy competition is meant to be a weapon used to hurt, and make a powerless person feel powerful. All while getting their ego boosted in the process. Healthy promotes an air of sportsmanship. A true sense that all involved can gain something good in the process.

Are you competitive with other people, or are you trying to outdo yourself? One will attract others that will want to help you get to the next level. The other will attract enemies that will be invested in having others help to take you down. The choice is yours. Do the right thing. Focus on yourself and all that you have to offer. Don’t worry about the competition. Let them worry about you.




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