Being Authentic and Drama-Free

How do you live drama-free? Focus on yourself and your own life. Are you easily distracted? Do you need distractions to get through the day, or, are you taking care of business? Is there something or someone else that you shouldn’t be focused on? Drama is nothing more than trying to make your life more exciting in a negative way. Acting your way through life is counterfeit. It’s also counterproductive and takes far too much energy. Why engage?

Being authentic is far more fun, and breathes life into your day. It’s positive, inspiring, and motivates you to be a better person. Being positive is contagious, but so is the negativity of drama. Drama breeds fantasies, and a deep seated longing to escape. Being authentic gives you peace, makes you embrace reality, and is empowering. Drama makes you anxious and wanting to be constantly stimulated. Who wants to be “on” all the time? It gives the illusion of feeling alive, when in actuality you’re trying to fill a void. It’s exhausting.

Being real is scary, it means being vulnerable and open. Letting someone get to know the real you is a risk, but in the end it’s worth it. Besides, if you’re not real self around others, eventually you will get found out. When, not if, that mask falls off, you’ll be exposed anyway. It’s not going to be pretty, and people resent being fooled. So, why not be you from the start? If people don’t like the real you, their loss. There are billions of people on the planet, “go where you are celebrated not tolerated”.

You also need to like and love yourself. If you can’t stand being alone, you’re in trouble. You take you wherever you go, and therefore, you need to like who you see in the mirror.  Looking on the outside breeds drama. Drama is the curtain you hide behind so that the world doesn’t get to see the real you. The one that you’re afraid that no one will accept. Why live like that? That puts you in a state of perpetual fear of being “discovered”.

Just do you. Drama needs daily feedings. But know this: eventually accolades stop, compliments cease, admiration wanes, attraction no longer excites, people get tired of feeding egos. You wear those around you out with the void that you can’t fill. The dust settles and the shows over. So, start with being yourself now. End the stage act and let someone else live out the illusion. Life’s best when lived as yourself, with those who are crazy about the real you.


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