Do You Know Your Why?

Everyone has a message, and most people want to make a statement with whatever it is that they’re doing. If you know “why” you’re doing it, you can make a greater impact. Take people who love to serve others. There is a reason why service is important to them. Serving itself can be your “why?”. Why did you choose the friends you did? Your mate? Occupation? Recreation? Do you have a clear reason?

I have a friend that I call my “rock”. We have a very intimate relationship. I venture to say that many married people aren’t as close as we are. We’ve seen each other through some of our darkest days. Finally, we’re getting to see each other through some of the brightest. He’s one of my best friends. And there are several reasons: we are a lot alike, share mutual interests, have a deep respect for one another, admire, adore, encourage and support each other, resolve conflicts with solid communication, make each other laugh, care about how the other one feels, and can talk to each other about anything and everything. Some people would probably call us “soul mates”. Not sure that even exists, but it fits for now.

With a creation of a business, and the building it from the ground up, I want to be a role model for my kids. They’re fantastic and full of vision. They know what they want, and more importantly, who they are. I have to pave the way for them to be successful. That means learning and doing everything that I can, to make sure they don’t stumble and fall over every stone on the path to success. I’ll take the bumps and bruises just so they don’t have to. Taking the risks and chances now to show them that life rewards the brave, and, those who are willing to be knocked down and get back up.

I blog because it’s a great way to express myself, and to add value to the world. I want to make an impact and help whomever I can. To know that they can do whatever they put their mind to. I want to inspire and encourage someone that might need it in that particular moment. I love to serve, and this is one of the things I do to fill that need. Knowing why you’re doing something will keep you on track. You won’t stray far from the path, and you’ll look for clues as to how to achieve your goals along the way.

Opportunities will present themselves and doors will open. You’ll be more selective with who you associate with. What choices and decisions you make. What you’ll have to sacrifice, and will it be worth it in the end. What needs your attention, and what you can ignore. When you need to respond, and when doing nothing is the best course of action.  When there will be rewards, and more importantly if you are willing to face the consequences. You take personal responsibility and hold yourself accountable when you know your “why”. If you don’t know it, take some time to self reflect and figure it out. Your life depends on it.





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