Do What You Were Meant to Do

What are some things that resonate with you? Gets your brain going?  Excites you? What would you do even if you didn’t make a dime? Be willing to lose sleep over? Spend your last dime to see if it worked? Risk being called crazy, irrational, bonkers? Lose friends and possibly family over? Have to persevere to see it through? Just what is your burning desire?

Are you doing what you were meant to do, or going through the motions formed for you by someone else? Living your authentic life, or living the one orchestrated by someone with influence over you? Doing what you intuition is guiding you to, or is there someone trying to force you down another path? Are you really doing what you were meant to do?

The first step in being authentic is knowing who you are. You can tell when someone is molding you into an image that makes them feel comfortable by their reactions and/or responses to you. Real people want the real you. They don’t try to get you to change your: opinions, thoughts, feelings, or actions to reflect them. Real people want to get to know the real you. Beware, there are imitators everywhere, and they are good at finding out how you tick. Once this happens, they dismantle you little by little.

You have every right to be yourself, and if someone really cares about the real you: they accept you. Acceptance doesn’t mean that they never call you on your garbage, kiss ups that ego stroke are dangerous ( beware those types ). That doesn’t help anyone, they do it because they want something. Users use you for whatever it is that they want, then discard you like trash. Everyone has faults, someone that pretends you have none, will take you for a full ride; one you won’t soon forget.

So whatever it is that helps you feel alive, go for it. You never know what latent talents are locked away that the world can benefit from. Don’t be selfish, get out there and make the world a better place. You can’t do that hiding your light under a barrel. If someone doesn’t want you to do what you were called to do, ask yourself “why?”. You’d be surprised at how many people are too afraid of what will happen if you finally start to shine. They can’t stand your light, so they try to do whatever they can to put it out. They aren’t for you, but highly invested in being against you. They possibly resent your: talent, potential, personality, looks, gifts, social skills, whatever. Do you have someone like this lurking in your own circles?

Don’t let anyone stop you from what you were meant to become. Those who try should be discounted, discarded, or just plain ignored. They don’t have much going for them. If you have that something special that they don’t have, just keep it moving. They may one day want to go where you’re headed, if not leave them in the dust. You have a destiny to fulfill, let them watch you from afar.




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