Feeling Fearful? This May Help

Are you afraid? What exactly are you afraid of? Do you even know? Life is risky, are you willing to take the risk? Or, are you just going to keep on going with the flow? Are you afraid of life? Really, I’m serious. Are you afraid of living? Everyday there are people whom you pass on the street that are afraid of life in general. These are the people that let you know everything that can’t be accomplished in life. They can’t do it, so of course, you can’t either. The climate of fear these days is all around us. So how do we have more courage today?  There is a simple solution to fear: taking action. Yes, it is that simple.

When you take action there is an empowerment that comes with it. Taking action is activating something within that helps you to take a long hard look at what you really fear. Fears are mainly in your head, but man, can those little jokers cause a lot of trouble. They can rob you of the most important things in your life, if you let them. I agree with Bob Proctor and Mike Dooley of “The Secret”: thoughts are things. They’re organic and have an energy. When you allow the negative thoughts of fear to take over, you’re headed for disaster.

Fear has a purpose, but far too many people don’t understand that it’s not supposed to rule your life. It can help to save your life in times of trouble, but it’s not meant to be something that you live in a constant state of. Whatever you fear, you to face before it becomes a reality. My kids watch a show called, “The New Adventures of Figaro Pho”, a show that showcased just about every phobia that you could have. It’s hilarious, and has fears and phobias that we’d never even heard of. Nonetheless, the kids learned that most fears are indeed irrational. Figaro ends up having to face up to them all. Some are intense, others are just silly. The show makes a great point of showing how fear can rule your life, and facing them is the only way to get over them.

Scared to talk to people? Start with saying “hi” to the person behind the counter when you get a cup of coffee. Ask them how their day is going. You’d be surprised at how friendly they can be when you treat them like human beings. Scared to ask that guy or girl out that you’ve been watching? Start a conversation the next time they’re around, and ask them about them. People love to talk about themselves. Want that job? Learn about the company and turn the interview around. Start asking the interviewer questions, you’ll stand out. And, most likely get the job. Know you’ve made a mistake, but scared that you can’t make it right? Start by admitting it, and let the other person take the lead.

Most fears are nothing more than the boogeyman under the bed. They aren’t fatal, and can be overcome, but only if you have the courage to take them head on. Don’t let fear keep you from what you really want. Let it propel you to it. Fear destroys everything it touches. Have faith that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Believe that it can be beaten. And, know that for the most part, it’s all in your head.




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