There is Power in Being Broke. Have You Found it?

Do you understand that being broke can be a catalyst for some of the best changes in your life? Why are people afraid to go broke? Being broke can make you have to think, work, and grow to improve your situation. Actually shows you what you’re really made of. Making you hungry enough to make positive changes. Desperation or Hunger? is a post I wrote about being hungry. Broke, can make you hungry. Are you hungry for success?

“The Power of Broke”, by Daymond John of Shark Tank fame is my current read. I read like most people watch TV. To me books are like channels: get a little tired of one, go for another, and then go back to it later. Just like some shows I don’t finish watching to the end, there are some books I just don’t finish. But I digress… I’ve just started it, but sharing the title is what I do. Because I’ve just started, the verdict is still out on whether this will weather through the other distractions I face on a daily basis. Only time will tell. But, it did get me thinking.

There are 2 ways of viewing being broke: as a blessing or a curse. One will help you overcome obstacles, the other will lead to your destruction. We all know what the destructive forces look like, so I’m not going to waste anyone’s time. I’ll focus on the positive. There’s far too much toxicity in the world already, I don’t need to add to it.

Being broke makes you appreciate your friends and family more. When the people that love you are in your corner, being broke doesn’t make you feel like a failure. Relationships are important, and you need the people in your life. The things you share: love, compassion, empathy, appreciation, gratitude, caring, understanding, acceptance, respect, encouragement, and belief in yourself and others helps your mental and emotional well being.

Being broke shows you where your strengths are. It’s easy to do things when you have the resources, but more of a challenge when you have to think outside the box. Perseverance, tenacity, intelligence, and problem solving skills get strengthened. Fear starts to diminish, and courage kicks in. Great businesses have been started by people when they were broke. Daymond John is just one example, and look at the success he’s had. Is there something that you’ve wanting to do, but you just didn’t have time? Maybe a sideline business that you wanted to try? All of the sudden it becomes a viable option when you need the cash.

Being broke helps you focus on what’s really important in life. Everything you haven’t paid attention to, now becomes something of value. The cup of coffee for a buck, and the conversation with the person behind the counter. The smile you share with a stranger that becomes a friend. The grateful people that love your products, ideas, energy, positive attitude, beliefs and self confidence. Your kids that smile and tell you how much they love you because they know that you’re doing the best you can. The hugs they give you daily ( this is big if you have tweens and teens ). The people that are there with you when you’re down, that you know will be cheering for you when you get back up. Most importantly the humility, gratitude, and appreciation of what you do have, and the peace that comes with it.

Being broke doesn’t have to be a curse, it can actually be the best thing that’s ever happen to you. You don’t lose your value, or your worth. Authentic people show up in your life. Positive things start to happen in ways you could have never imagined. Past dreams and hopes regain new life. Finding solutions is now a way of life. Feel your life starting all over again. You wake up out of the self imposed fog, and see clearly. Tap into strengths that were locked away. Help arrives when you need it. Learn to trust your gut, and in some cases, relearn to trust it. Belief in yourself becomes second nature, and you feel stronger. Satisfaction in what your doing keeps you going and renews your energy. You begin to dig deep, and found that there’s a lot of untapped potential there just waiting to get out. You finally let it. Yes, there is a power in being broke.



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