Could You Work From Home? Really?

Have you ever wanted to spend more time with your family? Found there weren’t enough hours in the day? One minute it’s the summer, you blink, now it’s New Year’s? Can’t take time off even to go to see the doctor or dentist? Is your schedule full of everything but what’s really important to you? Never get a break or take a vacation? Wish it could be different? Working from home can be a much better option. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you control your own: time, resources, schedule, and more importantly when, what, and how you do things with your family.

Many people would never even consider working from home. They don’t know it’s an option. There are plenty of fields and businesses that allow you to do just that. Telecommuting has now become commonplace for many companies. Why? In some cases, employees are able to get more done from home. Think about it: no traffic ( so no delays because of accidents ) breaks when you need them, no employees trying to include you in the latest gossip, being able to work in household chores and/or other important things on mini breaks, and no boss constantly checking up on you unannounced in an office. If you are really motivated, disciplined, reliable, responsible, and accountable this can work for you.

Home based businesses offer flexibility too. I have a daughter that is launching a cupcake business, and yes it’s a family business. She’s a talented baker, and her creations with design, flavors, and color are impressive. She’s also showing her younger sister the ropes. Babysits, and the kids she watches love her. My oldest is a talented make-up artist that’s also really into skincare. If she ever launches a line of make-up and/or skincare, it’s going to be awesome. My youngest is planning on being a Veterinarian ( owning her practice someday ), and has already helped a friend complete a successful eye surgery: on a goldfish. She’s only 11! And she did it by researching the information, and sharing it with her friend. Not only did the goldfish survive the surgery, it’s also doing well.

Sales is another work from home business. If you get the right training, learn the skills sets, apply the tools, have the discipline, ambition and grit, it can be lucrative. If you are dedicated, you could become one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Whether you: blog, work a Youtube channel, are a novelist, columnist, network marketer, translator, create art, cater, website and/or software designer, or whatever, doing it from home represents freedom. And, you don’t have to work for a paycheck for the rest of your life. In other words, you can: build a business, get it rolling, hire others to manage it, and start another. You can’t do that at most jobs, but you can with a sideline gig from home.

There are also some perks and added benefits to working from home. You can exercise, and get back to work ( no waiting at the gym for equipment, aerobic classes are at your convenience and no shower lines ). No traffic. If you Homeschool or are a SAHM ( stay at home mom ) you can do what you do, and incorporate your work. You can get light chores done, while waiting for an important fax or downloading something large onto your computer. Make calls, while a little one is down for a nap, or at your kids practices for sports, dance, and music lessons. Write off your vacation if you talk to a few people about your business, and a percentage of your house if it’s used for business purposes at tax time. And, how about a doctor’s or dental appointment and/or sick day with out having to ask for time off?

Although it’s not for everyone, it’s available to anyone. Working from home is like anything else: it’s simple but not easy. You have to remember you still have to work, even if it is from home. You still have to put in the hours, commitment and the effort. There will be distractions that are of a different nature, but they can be avoided with the right mindset. Flexibility, patience, tenacity, goals, a plan of action, and perseverance are essential.  Your family will have to get used to some changes, but if make them a priority over work, they’ll support you. It does mean sacrifices will have to be made, but its worth it.





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