Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Are you settling? Have you been for a while? Is your situation one that you dream of getting out of? Will you downgrade or upgrade? How do you tell the difference? It’s all in how you frame it. A downgrade is something that makes you feel superior. An upgrade makes you feel blessed and grateful. Whether it’s a new job, relationship, business, lifestyle or whatever, what you chose is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. What you present will tell others all they really need to know about you.

That’s why it’s so important to upgrade your life. It’s funny how people want to chose what’s easy, just so that they can feel good about themselves. Something available and not really what they want, it’s just different. That’s a downgrade in the worst degree. Here’s why: it’s not what you really want, but you can’t have what you want, so you settle. When you settle, you’re downgrading. When you work a job you hate, you’ve downgraded. In a relationship that’s convenient, again downgrading. Not going for what you want, and saying that this is all there is? Downgrade.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have been taught to downgrade. Look no further than most people’s parents. Going to work daily, and settling for new adventures through their television sets. What an example. Many have been told that striving for better makes you greedy. Really? That’s talk from defeated people. They lived a downgraded life, and can only offer the same. Depending on which successful business person you read about, they are the: 95, 96, 97 or 98%. They live quiet lives of desperation. Wanting more, but too fearful of what more can mean. They survive, and don’t have the courage to thrive.

Do you come from a place where people settle? Is that the life you want? If it is, kudos to you. But, for those who want more, you have to go against your internal programming and ask yourself one question: Do I want to survive or thrive? If you want to thrive, then you don’t want to live your days the same each and everyday. You want something more out of life. If that’s the case, surround yourself with people who want the same. Like minds hang around each other. Winners prefer winners. You truly are a reflection the 5 people you hang around with the most. Chose wisely, they will either help you soar, or keep you stuck.

An upgrade starts with a decision. People who settle hang around others who settle. You see them spending most of their time in bars, nightclubs, casinos and other hangouts that bring no value to their lives. These types pat themselves on the back for leaving society behind. That’s total BS and loser speak. They all think that they’re somehow better than everyone else. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why we call these guys lounge lizards and the chicks barflies. They leave no real mark or legacy.

Take the show “Cheers” for example. Watching people with no real lives is one thing, living it out is another. The show “Frazier” the spin off, showed someone who left the bar to have a real life. He upgraded. He left Cheers behind. He knew something that Sam and the gang didn’t: Life goes on outside the bar. His life wasn’t perfect, but at least he had one.

If you need an upgrade, start with those people closest to you. If they don’t want to get on the upgrade train with you: leave them behind. There will be plenty of people who will want to be part of your journey. And the truth is, the ones you leave behind, you won’t miss. They’ll either catch up, or become distant memories. Some people need to become memories, and won’t ever be able to catch up to you. Wish them well, and let them stay where they are. You have to think about where you’re headed. Some people are only stops on the way. Some will get on later and get off. Some will be there from start to finish, and some at the end to complete it with you. Enjoy the challenge.

How to upgrade is your choice. Just remember that an upgrade enhances your life, and brings changes. Will stretch and grow you. Make you reevaluate your life. Make you want to be a better person. Will require give and take. Makes settling uncomfortable. Takes you forwards not backwards. Is positive, authentic, secure and stable. Encourages risks and helps you see your flaws so that you can improve them. Upgrading your life means not seeing yourself as perfect or above reproach. Being open to your vulnerabilities exposed without being defensive. Allowing yourself to be corrected for your own good. And more importantly: being humble enough to know that you may have many changes to make.






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