Do You Have Friends Like These?

Never underestimate the power of a good friend. When things are good, they’re your partner in crime. When times are bad they have your back. So why do so many people take these people for granted? Do you know when you have a good friend over an acquaintance? Someone who will be there when the chips fall? Someone that will make sure you can pick up the pieces? The person that is cheering for you when you have a personal victory? The one that encourages you when you can’t muster up a positive thought? The one that helps you re-frame a bad situation? You know, a real friend?

I have a friend named Fred who is my rock. He’s one of my favorite people. Why? Because he’s a real friend. There for me when I need him, and we actually have a give and take relationship. Gasp! When was the last time you had one of those with, anyone? He’s a great listener, has a ton of excellent advice, and he’s there for me when things get rough. Full of wisdom, and really has the right attitude about life. Not too much gets to him, and he’s a great man. Also calls me out on things. Is he perfect? Hell no, and he’ll tell you that. What he is, is loyal. That’s missing in today’s world. He’s also my shoulder to cry on when things get rough, they do at times.

Then there’s Melanie my new BFF. We have been through some crazy things this year. I love her to death. She makes me laugh, is almost always up. Reminds me that life can be fun, and she helps me keep things in perspective. She’s my friend that helps me see the bright side, even in the dark. We can talk about anything and everything. We talk to each other everyday. And, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Even relates to my kids well. The kind of friend that everyone needs. Has my back, even when everyone else has left me in the dust. Helps me to re-frame things when I can’t find the positive. Also lets me know when I’m going down the wrong path. She is also loyal.

Loyalty is a big deal for me. I’m loyal, so I expect it in return. The price for losing my loyalty is losing me. Period. I will not expose myself to disloyal people. Once I find out you’ve betrayed me, you’re gone. There is no coming back, not even if you change. Why? Because, with loyalty comes trust. I have yet to encounter a person that misuses trust that is able to fully regain it. The untrustworthy and disloyal tend to abuse forgiveness. In other words, they will betray again once they feel they can get away with it. With time, they prove they don’t deserve a second chance. I don’t need anyone like that in my life. They need to fade off into my past where they belong.

I do forgive, but I don’t forget. I’ve been taught by the people who were closest to me ( by means of betrayal ), that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to deal with them. It just means they have no hold over you. Don’t wish them ill will, or try to hurt them. Let the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing take over. Otherwise known as: Karma. The Karma Bus, as a friend of mine calls it ( it makes me chuckle when she says it ), takes care of it for you. It’s always far worse on the reverse end. I’ve seen that personally over the years. It’s why I don’t take revenge. God, the Universe whatever you want to call Him/It will avenge you. If you just sit back and wait. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Karma is just, and it doesn’t care whether or not you’re sorry.  There is no escape. Karma does it’s job, and does it tenfold.

I was told years ago that if you want a friend, you have to be a friend. It’s true. I have great friends that I’ve learned to trust, and that trust me. I love these people, because they make life more interesting, fun, and keep me grounded. Everyone should have at least a small circle of friends that you wouldn’t give up for anyone or anything. Friends should bring out your best, call you on your worst, and add value to your life. If not, then you need to rethink who you call “friend”. I personally would rather have one true friend, than a circle of people that I can’t trust. Loyalty is a gift, and trust should be a given. Don’t settle. Your friends should make your life more satisfying. They should also help you with your rough edges. Friends should be worth their weight in gold. Mine are, are yours?





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