What Inspires You?

Inspire: (v) fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

When was the last time you felt stimulated? You know, really jazzed and passionate about something to the point where you couldn’t sleep at night? That itch that you should be doing something, but you don’t exactly know what. You just know that you should be doing it. That one thing that everyone else tells you that you’re crazy for even trying. That compulsion to get it done, and not stop until it’s finished. You think about it, dream about it, focus on it, and just can’t give it up. When was the last time you knew that you could do it despite opposition? At least you were willing to try. When was the last time you were really inspired?

I saw a film a few years ago called, “Peaceful Warrior”. It starred Nick Nolte. Beautiful film with a powerful message. A young male gymnast, cocky and arrogant, gets into a motorcycle accident that changes his life. He gets inspired by Nolte’s character to not give up on his dreams. And then, fulfills them. It’s based on the book, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. My point is, you can be inspired to continue or inspired to quit. The film, “Million Dollar Baby”, with Hilary Swank shows a woman that quit. Similar situation, different ending. One was inspired to chose life, the other chose death. We all have a choice.

So where does inspiration come from? Is it an internal thing for you? Do you get inspired by others? Or does it just “hit” you? In the end it probably doesn’t matter as long as you are. It can be a person, place, object, thought, sight, sound, whatever. The list is endless. So how do you live an inspired life? Stop living everyday the same way. Robin Sharma is famous for saying, “Stop living the same day everyday for 75 years and calling it a life.” He’s right. Inspiration is about not settling. Make at least one new change each day. Do something different. Whether it’s a new exercise, different kind of coffee, park in a different spot, or buy a stranger lunch behind you without telling them. Just do it, and see how it feels. One new thing a day can lead to inspiration. Break up the mundane and go for the unknown.

You have to take some risks in life to have a fulfilling one. Try new things, and go new places. Meet new people, and try new foods. Read a book if you’re not a reader. Check out a museum. Take a walk in the park, forest, on the beach, or through the mountains. Just try something different. People who like sameness become boring. They have no zest or zeal. And, quite frankly, they’re a serious let down when it comes to conversing. They have nothing new to offer, and they can be repetitive when they join a lively conversation. In other words, the uninspired bore people. Don’t be that person. Life is about living and trying new things. Enjoying new experiences. It’s a big world out there, find a new place for yourself in it. Don’t let someone else do the things that you want to do. Create a new lifestyle.

Inspiration is what makes music, art, food, books, workouts, new businesses, new ideas, or whatever come into existence. Look no further than technology: science is constantly inspired. Doctors, researchers, anyone that’s looking to make and impact and leave their mark is an inspiration. Homeschoolers are even inspired to tailor their kids educations to suit their needs.

Whatever inspires you to do something good, and for the betterment of someone else: Do it.¬† Pick a cause, whatever means something to you, and run with it. Inspiration is contagious, and it’s the one disease the world should be exposed to more often. So go infect as many people as you can. You don’t know what word you may say to a stranger, child, friend, co-worker, relative or whoever that could change their life for the better. Change makes life more interesting. Sameness can inspire as well. Being stuck in a runt has inspired many people to take charge of their lives. Be one of them. Go out and get inspired, you don’t know who’s waiting for you to inspire them.





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