Success Is Still the Best Revenge

Everyone has their haters, and naysayers. The ones that want to see you fail are usually the ones that take pleasure in snidely being able to tell you, “I told you so.” The intense need to feel superior is a dead giveaway. Why are these people so invested in your humiliation and defeat? Why do they take pleasure in other people’s failures? Envy: (n) a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck; (v) desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else). People who want what you have, but can’t have it suffer from a severe case of it. The envious love to see those who can do what they can’t, fail. And, what’s worse? They’re usually the ones behind the scenes orchestrating their downfall, while telling the rest of the world to watch. Yes, it’s pretty sad.

How do you stop an envious person from: creating chaos/confusion, reeking havoc, and undermining your efforts? Succeed. What’s the worst thing you can do to the person that wants to cause your downfall? Succeed. The one that wrecks your reputation? Succeed. The one that back stabs you, etc…? Succeed. You see, people who are too afraid to take risks are pissed at the people who do. They remind them of their insecurities, fears, inadequacies and shortcomings. Who wants to be reminded of that? Those types of people shun personal growth, and refuse to be introspective. Looking within is too painful. They can’t stand what they see. So why should you get to get ahead, and enjoy it to boot?

Success is the best revenge. That much is true. It speaks for itself, and it doesn’t need an introduction. It stands on it’s own 2 feet. It doesn’t need to be pumped up, or justified. It just is. The awesome reason it’s the best revenge? It’s positive, and has a win/win effect on people. It also has a way of spreading to others in a way that changes their lives. That is worth all the: ridicule, taunting, and mocking once it’s done. They rejoice in your struggles not understanding that it brings you closer to your dreams being fulfilled. They see the process, not the outcome. They kick you while you’re down, only to be seething with even more envy when you get up. It’s pretty cool when you get to where you’re supposed to be, while leaving them in the dust. Nothing beats it.

The ones that hassle you are operating based on their own issues. So, they “project” them onto you. It’s a cowardly way to not have to admit that they just don’t have what it takes. Not having the life skills, coping mechanisms, or being just plain lazy and not getting it right. So they want to stop you. There’s nothing worse for a person who can’t do, than to watch someone who can. Their ego/pride just can’t let you win. I love Eckhart Tolle’s, “A New Earth”. He really explains how the egoic nature can screw you up. If you’d like to know more about him check out his website He got it right when he talked about the ego is really not you, but a false self. It demands adoration, admiration, and attention. The ego isn’t humble, it’s arrogant, proud and completely self serving.

Want to really to get under an envious person’s skin? Ignore them, and keep it moving. They can’t stand it. If they don’t know what you’re doing, they can’t: undermine, talk about, or get a handle on it. Just keep them out of it to the best of your ability. Even if they do know, don’t let them stop you. They aren’t worth it. In the end, they will be left behind. Bitterness coupled with resentment concerning their own lack of ambition or initiative is a hard thing to have to face. Instead, let them watch you grow, reach goals, and accomplish things. All while making your dreams come true. Still wishing that they could stop you. What could be better?










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