Family, They Have Skin in the Game

Who are the most important people in your life? Family, right? So why not have them be essential to your business? Making them an integral part of your success will help your business boom. Why? Because they have some skin in the game. If you do well, they benefit. Do poorly, they suffer the consequences. So why not have them: encourage, support, help, motivate, inspire, and work with you? After all, all for one, and one for all.

*A word of caution here: nothing kills a business faster than an insecure spouse. This is the only time I would ever suggest not starting a business of any kind. Insecure spouses have only one plan for your business: destruction. They will undermine, sabotage, and do all in their power to see you fail. Why? An insecure spouse is a control freak, a business threatens and intimidates them. You have to: grow, inspire, motivate, be empowered, lead, mentor, educate and stretch out of your comfort zone to be successful. The exact opposite of what they want you to do. Start one at your own emotional, and financial risk. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

If you don’t have an insecure spouse, chances are you will have the world’s greatest partner. If you have kids, they’ll encourage the kids to help out as well. Nothing says, we are a strong family than a thriving family business. Having your family on board is amazing, and a blessing. They have much to gain or lose. If you win, they win. If you fail, they fail. So, they want to see you win. Success is contagious. It has a habit of spilling over into everything that you do.

When your family helps you to build something that lasts, it can strengthen your relationships within the home. There’s a sense of being a community, or tribe. If your tribe is for you, then you know you can take on the world. Human beings want to be a part of something greater than themselves. A business can fulfill that. Especially if it’s started from the ground up.

There are some life lessons for your kids as well. Responsibility, accountability, integrity, character, can all be learned in the way you conduct your business. Don’t forget: honesty, gratitude, appreciation, and values can make or break a business. Let them know that integrity is what you show when someone isn’t looking. Teach them what happens when you say one thing, and then do another. Make sure they understand that a lost of trust can be permanent. Exaggerations should be seen and taught as a bad thing. Teach them in a business setting where there’s money involved. They learn fast. Morals should set the standard. Are yours good ones?

Let them learn the nuts and bolts of the business. After all, they may be taking over someday. Do you really want them to do that, and not know what they’re doing? Everything from start to finish, not matter how young they are. If they grow up with it, then it becomes a part of them. They want to see it through. And, with all the adventures you can have with start up ( the good, the bad, and the crazy ), you’ll create a lifetime of fantastic memories.



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