Do You Know Your Destiny or Life’s Purpose?

Are you a deep person? Or are you shallow? Do you have goals? Or are you just drifting through life? Do you have a vision? Or do you just go with the flow? These are important questions. No matter what you believe, there are Universal laws that work whether you believe in a higher power or not. People who live their lives on purpose lead: passion filled, satisfying, ever evolving lives. They’re filled with gratitude and appreciation. Those who tend to grumble and complain their lives stay the same. Resentment, envy and complacency set in. Knowing your life’s purpose will show you how to determine your destiny. I personally believe in God, and He has one for me. But, I’m not going to force anyone to believe what I believe. Whatever your belief, a purpose keeps you going.

Life is complicated, but can be simplified when you have a purpose. The schools can’t give you one. Your parents can try to lead you to one. Your friends usually believe that they know what it is for you. But, truthfully, only you really know what makes you tick. Arrogant people tell you that they know you better than you know yourself. And, ignorant people will tell you that they have no idea who you are. Doesn’t matter, as long as you know. People without a purpose drift through life, and then die without ever realizing their destiny. That’s a shame. Potential that isn’t meet. What a way to go.

When we’re kids, we have some idea of what we want to be when we grow up. Then suddenly BAM! Life hits you with the reality of you won’t be Cinderella, or Ironman. What a blow. But, then you start dreaming about things that grown ups do. If you’re lucky you have an adult that will inspire, motivate, and encourage you. If not, you search for guidance elsewhere. If you don’t get it, you drift. So mentors are extremely important. They can help you to envision a future that you may not have thought to be possible. They can lead you in the right direction. Advice and wisdom are at your disposal. They hold you accountable, and keep you responsible. Everyone could use someone that will hold their feet to the fire.

With vision comes risk. You have to be willing to risk something to reach your potential. What will it be? Releasing your: loser friends/boyfriend/girlfriend, a dead end job, or family member that’s sabotaging you? Making a U turn in your career and starting a new business instead? Going back to school? Starting the sideline gig that you’ve always dreamed about? What? Do you even know? Start somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, but start. Think about what you daydream about. Is there something that you just can’t stop thinking about? Is your mind made up, or are you open to new ideas? Make sure when your destiny calls, you have your ringer on. Also, be ready to answer the phone.


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