Desperation or Hunger?

Why is waiting for something worthwhile so difficult? Instant gratification really is overrated. It truly is. So many people want what they want, when they want, they way they want it. Everything has to be now. So what’s with the desperation? People are no longer hungry. Oh, that’s right, that would mean having to wait for something. When was the last time anyone wanted to do that?

Remember when you were a kid and had to actually wait to eat dinner? No snacks, so that you would have an appetite when the food was served. Did you die? Nope. Were you hungry? Of course. How else was Mom going to get spinach or broccoli ( 2 of my personal favs ) into you, before you acquired a taste for them? You had to be good and hungry so that you would eat whatever was put in front of you. No matter how much you didn’t like it. To be truthful, I still haven’t acquired a taste for Salisbury Steak.

The same thing is true for business, family, or anything else that you want in life. You have to be hungry. So, you have to wait for it to get good. I love Dunkin Doughnuts, which is basically a sacrilege where I live. Everyone here swears allegiance to Krispy Kreme. I love glazed doughnuts, have since birth. I love the way they smell, and taste. But guess what? If I get there before the place in the morning opens, no matter how hungry I am, I have to wait. I’m not going to break in just to get a doughnut. I have to wait. I’m hungry, not desperate. If I was homeless, that might be a different story. But, I tend to buy the guy with the sign down the street a coffee and doughnut when he’s there. I like to pay it forward.

Desperation on the other hand, will cause you to make stupid mistakes that cost you big later. If you’re desperate to get married or have kids? You’ll marry the wrong person, and settle. If you want to make a million dollars tomorrow? You’ll go into a bad business deal and go broke. Want to lose weight, and get the wrong workout program and/or supplement? You’ll lose money, and still be overweight. Anything in life worth having is worth waiting for, and yes, you’ll have to wait for it.

Desperation doesn’t require any thought. It’s based on emotional reasoning and reactions. In other words, you leap and then you look. Not good. Hunger is more calculated. When you’re hungry, you’re constantly on the lookout for your next “meal”. Whatever that may be.  Mr. or Ms. Right. The business that fits your passions and/or expertise. The new career that takes you all over the world. The exercise program that challenges your body and forces you to eat right. The next best idea, or whatever you truly want. You don’t settle.

Just stop trying to get it now. Desperation never helps. It will also get you into a lot of trouble. Desperate people also have a pesky little habit of running away the first sign of it. Desperation will cause you to do that. Desperate people by nature want things to be easy. Life is simple not easy. Hungry people understand that. They want satisfaction, not a quick fix. They want something they can really chew on, and digest. They stay until they get their fill. They don’t run to the next thing because it’s not working. Hungry people stay and finish until the job gets done.

Are you hungry or desperate? Are you willing to wait to get to what you want? Or, do you just cut and run? Can you find a solution? Or do you just give up? Being hungry is something that can propel you to greatness. Desperation can destroy you. Which one are you?



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