CashFlow is cooler than Monopoly

Great board games can define a generation, sometimes for a few. Monopoly is an iconic game, and practically everyone on the planet has played it. Many people have one in their attic or basement, storage unit or closet somewhere. A staple on holidays. It’s fun, and still gets pulled out for family gatherings. But, it’s time has come, to pass on the torch to CashFlow.

Don’t get me wrong, Monopoly over the years was a college traditon next to most card games on many a Friday and/or Saturday. Most of the time it took just about all day or night to play, and most people played it wrong. They just don’t get that you want to own hotels not houses. He who owns the utilities rules the board. CashFlow by Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki is a game changer. You can really get hooked. The game is engaging, entertaining, and well planned out. I even bought CashFlow for Kids for my kids. It’s never too early to teach your kids about money. It does make the world go around.

They take real professions ( doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, mechanic, etc… ), the salaries and the bills that go with them, and viola! Believable situations. There’s a income statement, and cash ledger as well to keep track of your money. You have some real life situations to deal with: like getting downsized from you job, having a baby, and getting divorced. Talk about a reality check. They found a way to keep it fun, educational, and fast paced.

The goal of the game is to get out of the “Rat Race” and to thrive on your cash flow earnings. Sound simple right? Wrong. You have real life bills and unexpected costs ( doodads ) that crop up throughout the game. You can make big and small deals to generate cash flow. You can even buy into the Stock Market. You just stay in the rat race until you earn enough cash flow to get out of it. You can even choose what your dream you’d live out once you’re out.

Why play this game? There’s something about it and seeing the residual income (cash flow) increase. Watching the money add up, and losing it. It’s exciting, and scary all at the same time. One minute you’ve earned a ton of money, the next, you’ve lost it. You’re so close to getting off the wheel, and then… Ah well, back to the grind. If you go bankrupt, you lose. The instructions are clear, and explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The best part? The game is teaching you how to use these situations in real life. It’s based more on reality, not fantasy. Make your mistakes in the game, then take what you’ve learned and give it a try. Real estate, investments, and businesses in the real world don’t let you have do overs. Screw up, and you could land up bankrupt,  get sued, or worse: wind up in jail. Yikes! Thanks, but no thanks.

But, you can learn from your mistakes in the game with no risk other than losing the game. So you lose in the game, not your real life investment. It’s fun and pretty  fast paced. Unlike Monopoly you can use what you learn with confidence, if you’re ready. So, it’s never boring. Kids as young as 11 can play if they have a head for it. But don’t take my word for it, play it. You know you want to.



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