Kids will be Kids

I remember when I was a kid, a job was a right of passage. Especially if you got to work fast food, or retail. The feeling of earning your own money, not only made you feel more independent, but gave a sense of freedom as well. Those days seem to be gone. What happened to the young boy that mowed your lawn? Now there are lawn services. The kid who delivered the paper? I see adults doing that now. The 15 year old girl that worked for the clothing store? You have to be 18 to work at most places. Even McDonald’s ( my first gig at 14 ) you have to be 16 now. College kids are having a tough time getting server jobs ( too many middle aged adults have been downsized ), and even most of the people I see working at Starbucks  and Panera are in their mid to late 20’s. So what gives?

Kids can’t seem to buy a job these days. They can’t catch a break. Between the ages of 12 and 21, times are hard on the employment front. Or are they? I’ve seen lots of enterprising teens and young adults recently take earning money to the next level. No, they aren’t selling drugs. They’re selling jewelry, cookbooks, lemonade, skin care, and a range of other products.

Critiquing: Animes, Mangas, K and J Pop bands, videos, new foods, and products they like. Just by being themselves. Talk about authentic. They’re on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media. These kids get it. You don’t have to do old school any longer. And, they’re paving the way. In a big way.

Kids are using their talents and imagination in ways that adults can only dream of. While also making money and having some fun in the process. Isn’t that really why kids want to work in the first place? They don’t take “no” for an answer, and keep on until they get to “yes”. Believing in how to get what they want when it comes to making money and an impact. Having faith and trust in their products and/or their services, so do their friends. Unlike adults, their friends help. Usually, with no strings attached ( no,”what’s in it for me” attitudes here ). They just see it all as fun. Wanting to be a part of the fun is motivation, encouragement, and inspiration enough.

So what can we learn from them? Keep it simple. They have fun on the journey and learn through the process. They love what they do, don’t see it as work, enjoying the ride. Helping one another to achieve a common goal. Don’t believe me? Watch some of these young Youtubers, they’re having a ball. You can do the same in your career or business. These young ones are showing us how to have fun, be passionate and innovate all at the same time. These kids are living their dreams, and showing the rest of us how to do it.

Kids’ Facebook pages, blogs, and other social media mediums have content that is awesome, entertaining, engaging and interesting. Fresh. They don’t seem to run out of ideas, and have more energy with each endeavor. Keeping it moving, even when things don’t seem to be particularly popular. They don’t care, it’s just put out there. Many adults aren’t willing to do what these kids do. Kids have the right mindset and idea. So the next time you hear your kids talking about their favorite Youtubers, bloggers, or whomever… Perk up, show some interest. You just might learn something.





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