Are you Stuck?

Have you ever dealt with someone that is stuck? They can’t move from their stance on, whatever. They have to keep on bringing up the past. Why? They don’t want to grow, or take personal responsibility for themselves. Accountability? They run from it like it’s a contagion. Self reflection? What, me the problem? No way. So what do you do when you have to deal with someone like this? Stop engaging them. Huh? Just bear with me for a moment.

Have you ever had to talk with someone who could even dull the sun’s shine? For every solution, they have a dire problem? They just can’t seem to find anything positive in, well, anything. They’re a drain. Guess what? Nothing that you can say, or do for them will make any difference. It works for them, so they will continue to stay where they are. Stuck and immobile. You don’t have to stay there with them. You can keep it moving.

Have you ever had a dream, and told the wrong person about it? What’s their reaction? Negative right? Somehow they’ve turned your dream into the ultimate drama filled nightmare. But you had no idea that they would do that right? Wrong. We all know who in our lives is stuck. They tear you down, not build you up. You know, these dark clouds that fill our lives with gloom and doom. So you have to not engage them on the same level that you would someone who will support and encourage you. Energy vampires exist, and will feed for as long as you let them.

So how do you disengage? Simple: keep your conversations light and causal. Peripheral. Don’t give them anything to feed off of. Starve the beast, and do it quickly. But in a friendly way. You don’t have to be rude, just aloof. That works best. They get to stay stuck ( which is their choice ), and you don’t lose your mind trying to deal with someone that robs you of your peace. This works with just about anyone. Stop giving away your personal power to people who don’t have any. Stop giving away control to those with no self control. Run far, and run fast from “Stuckville”. It’s a dead end place, and the souvenirs suck.




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